This wiki has been created by giantess worshipers and is dedicated exclusively to giantess worshipers.

Every wiki, by nature, is a source of data; therefore, the purpose of this wiki is implicit in its definition.

However, it is not enough to know that this wiki is a data source, it is also worth saying that we are neutral and independent.

We are neutral because we are not on anyone's side, therefore, our articles aren't biased. We are friends of the truth, and we will say everything one does (whether good or bad).

We are independent because no entity, company or ideology is behind us.

MacrophiliaGiantess fetishism

Due to the growing movement of feminist ideas (where supposed the male is to be worth as much as the female), users from various parts have considered that it is sexist to say that machophilia is synonymous with giantess fetishism.

Why? Because when a person is macrophile, then that person likes giant people of his/her opposite sex.

If a man is macrophile, then he will love giant women (giantesses). Thus, in this case, macrophilia is synonymous with giantess fetishism.

However, if a woman is macrophile, then she will love giant men. In this case, macrophilia isn't synonymous with giantess fetishism.

What is exposed here is the argument that feminists use to say that "MacrophiliaGiantess fetishism". We see this laudable argument, so throughout this wiki will avoid using the word macrophilia as synonymous with giantess fetishism.

The same goes for microphilia.


To serve as a guide and source of information for every member of the GTS community, so that it has an ordered and formatted catalog of information of its fellow men.


To be the main meeting point of the giantess fans (the GTS community). That every time someone decides to launch an adventure in our world of giantess fans, do it starting from this wiki.

Our respect to giantesses and GTS community is expressed in the quality of our articles

123 002

This JVARTISTA's illustration, which is directly inspired by a poem by Charles Baudelaire, expresses the (almost) religious appreciation we have for the giantesses.

Although the vast majority of the GTS community is composed of fetishists, and although this ratio is also present in our editors, that does not mean we just see the giantesses (and related issues) with sexual purposes.

Here we avoid having that mentality, rather, we have a (almost) religious appreciation to the giantesses (we worship them as goddesses, and therefore, we respect them). In the same way we also respect those who also follow our "religion" (do not take it seriously, it's just a metaphor), that is, members of the GTS community.

Therefore, the way to express our respect is through the creation of quality articles.

What we DON'T want to be

Wiki de pies

Let's be honest: this wiki is nothing more than a boring deposit of images. Their articles are poor and almost empty. Virtually all of its articles are nothing more than galleries.

Wiki de pies (tontos)

Anyone who has read Wikia's rules knows that these topics should not be touched. For those who do not know what Kodomo No Jikan is, it is an anime that involves strong pedophile themes (in fact, pedophilia is its central theme).

We do not want to be like Animated Foot Scene Wiki (we do not keep an inimical relationship, only we do not agree with its methods).

What's wrong with Animated Foot Scene Wiki?

To start: do you know what an wiki is? A wiki is a formatted information source, so that the reading of information is easy and comfortable access for a human reader.

However, Animated Foot Scene Wiki does not focus on information or quality articles, only are galleries sorted by characters. We do not want to sound offensive, but we have to be honest: articles on the feet wiki are boring and lifeless. They are nothing more than an accumulation of images.

If they both want to accumulate images of feet, better go to "booru" sites, which are massive accumulators of images that organize them according to their characteristics (labels). "Boorus" are more efficient and better than wikis in that sense, in addition they allow them to upload explicit content. Wikis, on the other hand, are a well-organized source of mass information.

Therefore, we dislike knowing that Giantess Wiki could end up being an accumulator of images more, knowing that there are already others and better.

Have you noticed the design of the foot wiki? It is simply a predetermined, gray (sad color) and does not even have a logo. Giantess Wiki at least strives to be more charismatic visually: its background is an animated gif (created by Kenj, but modified), uses bold colors and has a logo.

And how bad are the Foot Wiki's articles?

Why do not you see them yourself? Here you can see a random article:

Keep browsing random articles and you'll see how dull they are.

What we DO want to be

We want our articles to be good, and therefore also our wiki. That's why we have good examples to follow:

Do you want to participate? Do you want to contribute?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Read our rules
  3. Read this article: Are you new in Giantess Wiki?
  4. Participate and enjoy!

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