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In the anime and manga of Shaman King, Eliza Mephisto can reach a colossal size with respect to the universe that surrounds her (and therefore, with respect to her normal size).

An absolute giantess is a woman who is larger than what is "normal size" in the respective universe.

They are also known as:

  • True giantess.
  • Authentic giantess.


  • All perfect giantesses are absolute giantesses (i.e.: "perfection implies absolutity").
  • All imperfect giantesses are absolute giantesses (i.e.: "imperfection implies absolutity").
  • Not all semi-giantesses are absolute giantesses (i.e.: "semi doesn't imply absolutity"). It could be the case, for example, that a part of the body has increased in size of a person, but the overall height (size) of that person has not changed.
  • Because the laws of nature (physics, biology) prevent the existence of absolute giantesses, then this concept applies only to fictional characters.
  • And since it only applies to fictitious characters, then there are 2 types according to the naturalness of their size: natural and artificial.


  • Relative giantess (when the reference point is not the universe, but a particular object)
  • Pseudo-giantess (when she pretends to be an authentic giantess, but she really is not)