NOTE: This article is about a charlatan, a person who goes against truth and skepticism. That is why this article might sound to some as contemptuous.
Locura por los gigantes

This is only a small sample of how obsessed Mr. Canosa is. In fact, in his channel there are many more videos of the same subject: giants.


Even if it sounds like a joke, that's how Canosa thinks: "There are giants inside the rocks, but they are so small they do not let themselves be seen."

Entrevista a Alberto Canosa - QL Televisión

I wonder: How will Alberto Canosa react if he finds out that there is a community of people who worship the gigantas (GTS community)? Surely he will say: "Those people who worship the gigantas are being secretly controlled by the Vatican and the Illuminati."

Alberto Canosa is a Spanish resident in Germany inspired by the TV series The X-Files that believes that there are giants inside the rocks (what rocks?) and that the Vatican is behind all the evils of this world.

Since he started on his blog, he has not stopped talking about the same thing (the giants inside the rocks, the Vatican, the Illuminati, among other cliché conspiracy theories), and his articles (and thus his videos) are full of Conspiracies and without a concordance in the order of the subjects (that is to say, in a moment it speaks of the illuminatis and soon it begins to speak of the giants inside the rocks, that is, it changes of subject quickly).

His basic ideas

This person believes any conspiracy theory, usually the most popular conspiranoias (illuminatis, Masons, assassination of Kennedy, Vatican, Hollow Earth, etc.). Although he curiously does not believe in the Jewish conspiracy (very present among the groups of white supremacists and anti-Semitic).

He believes anything to the point of not wanting to thoroughly investigate a topic to see if what has been said is true, that is, he has blind faith in any conspiracy theory.

However, his 2 biggest obsessions are: the conspiracy of the Vatican and the giants inside the rocks.

The conspiracy of the Vatican

It is a simple idea: all the malicious conspiracies and evils in the world have been the work of the Vatican (but also the great events). For example:

  • Who was behind the September 11 attack? The Vatican.
  • Who killed Kennedy? The Vatican.
  • Who was behind the conquest of America? The Vatican.
  • Why are there massive migrations of middle-eastern refugees to Europe? By the Vatican.
  • Who controls the banks? The Vatican.
  • Who controls the president of the United States (the White House)? The Vatican.
  • Why do otakus give themselves pleasure with hentai? Because of the Vatican, since they want to control the minds of young people through pornography.
  • Who started the world wars? The Vatican.
  • Why are there people who believe that Jews are a plague that controls the world (the Zionist conspiracy)? Because The Vatican wants to attack the "people of God", since The Vatican is a satanic institution.
  • Do aliens make contact with humanity? Yes, from the Vatican in secret.
  • Why are there giants inside the rocks? Only the Vatican knows.
  • God exists? Only the Vatican knows, and knows much more.

Look at his videos or read the articles of this man and you will see that any topic relates to the Vatican.

Giants inside the rocks

According to him, in a very distant past, the aliens inhabited the planet Earth. These extraterrestrials were giants (of varying sizes, probably referring to the Nephilim) and their dead were enclosed in large rocks. Under this premise unconfirmed by the facts, the pseudo-investigator Canosa blindly believes that there are giants within any rock (or what he regards as a rock). For example:

  • The Egyptian obelisks.
  • Megalithic structures such as Chichen Itza (Mexican Wonder) or Stonehenge (England).
  • Massive rocks found in the mines.
  • Statues or sculptures, such as that of a Giant Buddha (various Asian areas), the Statue of Liberty (New York) or the Moai (Easter Island).