Rules of the list

The list must meet the following conditions:
  1. The name of the work should be the name that is known in the West (and if not known, then that is his Latinized original name, that is, in rōmaji).
  2. After choosing a name, it proceeds to locate alphabetically in the list.
  3. There should be a brief overview for each episode (if any).
  4. Are banned mainly pornographic works or "hentai" (e.g.: GANTZ itself enters the list because its main theme is action, hentai is secondary). The "ecchi" or non-pornographic perverted work are tolerated.
  5. Not all items in the list deserve an article, for example: why dedicate an article to a GTS scene lasted only 5 seconds? To know what the criteria for something deserve an article, read the quality standards. In case you do not deserve an article, just mention it and attach its corresponding image (the next point explains how those images should be).
  6. Each work must have a picture where scenes where is the GTS theme. The image must be at least a screenshot and at most 6. It is recommended that the best scenes are chosen. In addition, the image must be secure content for work (not pornographic or violent; apt to be seen publicly), and if that have naked, it is recommended that with black rectangles censor inappropriate parts (genitals and female nipples). If you want to know how to join images, read this tutorial. Here are some examples:





  • Black Clover:
  • Bleach: From episode 343 (where The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc starts), Riruka Dokugamine appears, which has the ability ("fullbring") to shrink objects.
    • Bleach - EP348: Riruka Dokugamine helps Ichigo (the protagonsitas of the series) to obtain temporary powers called "fullbring". For this, Riruka Dokugamine trains Ichigo by shrinking him and forcing him to fight against a stuffed pig that has a human soul.
    • Bleach - EP349: The training of the previous episode continues, although Riruka Dokugamine rarely intervenes with the shrunken ones.
    • Bleach - EP351: Two new training modalities appear: a cage that houses 2 stuffed animals (a chicken and a pig); the other is an aquarium, where Ichigo must face a human shrunken directly.
    • Bleach - EP352: There are few interactions between the para-giantess Riruka Dokugamine and the shrunken ones. The cover of the episode refers to the aquarium where (shrunken) Ichigo is fighting.
    • Bleach - EP364: This is the third last episode. Riruka Dokugamine uses her shrinking ability to turn Rukia Kuchiki into a stuffed rabbit (much smaller). Riruka Dokugamine also tells her story of how she used her shrinking ability to shrink a neighbor (that she loved) and keep it as a toy.



  • Brigadoon: Marin & Melan - EP21: Moe Kisaragi, the best friend of the protagonist, has grown to a giant size, she then tries to be stopped by the army, but continues to grow more in the process.