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Hello, I'm Paladín de Gigantas, the creator of this wiki. I created this place with the following objective:

To serve as a guide and source of information for every member of the GTS community or for those who are interested in giantesses, and to have an orderly and formatted catalog of information of his peers and on the GTS theme.

A wiki dedicated to giant women?

If you are one of those people who think that the theme of the giants is limited only to sizes, then you are little informed, so we recommend you read our introduction to giantess fanaticism.

The issue of the giants covers several issues, especially if we focus on the giant women and the people who admire them.

For this reason, in this wiki we have several themes related to the giantesses like:

For more information, read about this wiki.

Everyone can participate

Here there is freedom to edit and create articles, but you also have to respect the rules.

I want to contribute, where do I start?

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This is how you get to the classic editor: on the edit button, on the side is an arrow that breaks down other options.

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When you are in the classic editor, at the top select the "Source Mode" tab.

Once you've read about this wiki and our rules, plus you've been strolling around for random article (you must pry), then you know how we think and how we do things.

"I do not know how to edit on Wikia"

You still do not know how to edit using Wikia codes, but do not worry, that is learned through practice.

You can learn by reverse engineering: every time you want to edit an article, do with classic editor and then go to source mode, the rest is simple inspection and it is assumed that you are an intelligent person who will decipher the codes fast.

  • If you need a source where the codes are, you can find them in the test article.
  • It will also be useful to have at your disposal the Template List

Start with the easiest

Everyone is a matter of practice:

  • You can begin by correcting spelling and grammatical errors.
  • You will then add and provide more information to existing articles.
  • Finally, you'll be skilled enough to create your own articles.