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The drawings he makes reflect his influences.

Arturetta s boots updated by arthurt2015-d8nzae0

Arthur Tiongson has a fetish with boots.


Here you can see how Arthur sees himself.

Philippine professional illustrator, writer and animator.

This is one of the oldest users, almost as old as Karbo, however, he is not so famous because his art, although it has giantess fetishism, does not have a pornographic end. In fact, he says he hates ordinary and vulgar pornography (which is not at all contradictory, knowing he prefers to see giantesses or feet).

His drawings usually deal with almost the same themes (such as polishing shoes).

He is close friend of MasterOfRa, Hank88, AlloyRabbit, among others (in general, he is sociable).


  • Friendly, avoid entering into unnecessary conflicts and/or discussions.
  • Sociable, often responds to comments frequently and cordially.
  • He repeats ideas (if a subject pleases him, he will do the same thing several times).
  • Extremely sensitive to criticism (the slightest criticism can make him consider you an enemy and block you).

Artistic style

Ten years in deviantart meme by arthurt2015-d8wi1rd

For 10 years his style has not changed almost anything.

Since he began in 2005 so far, his artistic style has been practically the same. Although he has reached an acceptable artistic level, his techniques do not progress, there are no substantial improvements or he seems interested in learning some new drawing technique.

Broadly speaking, his style is based on manga. Its coloring is simple, but it does so in a way that is pleasing to the eye. In some cases he recycles his drawings, making them a kind of personal meme.

Obsession with female shoes

Frequently you can observe this behavior, however you do not like bare feet (his tastes are quite restricted).

With normal size

Tread on pedals

With giantesses

Recycling in some drawings:

Meme: "Gigantic Shine for..."

Recycling is more than evident:

Meme: "Shine for..."

Note all recycling.

Theme of gigantas

He is also a worshiper of the gigantas, so he also draws them without using his obsession with polishing shoes: