In the GTS community there are many artists, who contribute according to the "profession" (role) they have.

As a sign of respect for these artists, we dedicate an article about them and what they have done within the GTS community.

There is freedom to make an article, but preferable that each article dealing with an artist must follow the following structure (you can omit each part if there is no information about it):

  1. The template "artist" on the article's top (obligatory)
  2. The template "quote" (optional)
  3. Brief introduction.
  4. Biography (very few have it)
  5. Characteristics (psychological profile)
  6. Artistic style
  7. Particular cases of his/her drawings (+ gallery)
  8. General theme of giantesses in his/her works (+ gallery)
  9. Works
  10. Trivia (optional)
  11. Source (optional)

The template "artist" on the article's top (obligatory)

  • Write: {{artist}}
  • A table with empty data parameters will be created, which you must fill out.
  • To fill them comfortably, save the article and reopen it directly with the edit button. Click on the box and fill in the data.

Let's look at the case of each parameter:

  • Alias (singular): his/her main alias, as the title of this data table.
  • Image: file_name.jpg (*.png or *.gif)
  • Insert image description here: It may be a brief description of the image above or the artist himself/herself.
  • Alias (plural): All the nicknames that he/she have.
  • Name(s): his/her names (optional), provided they have been given in legal sources.
  • Last name(s): his/her last names (optional), provided they have been given in legal sources.
  • Birthplace: Use country templates, you can find them here.
  • Current residence: Same as above.
  • Sex: Use this templates.
  • Does he/she please giantesses?: Use this templates.
  • Birthdate: June 16, 1966.
  • Other fetishisms: The strange sexual tastes that he/she have (preferably the most important ones).
  • Is (s)he a professional artist?: If this is not known, omit this parameter.
  • Role: What is described in this infobox.
  • Known for: And why is this artist relevant?
  • (The remaining parameters are web sites): If he/she do not have them, leave them blank.

The template "quote" (optional)

If the artist has an interesting phrase to highlight, or if someone has an interesting phrase about it, then you have to attach it. In Template:Quote explains how:

"Coffee with milk is like coffee, but with milk"
―Tío Uno (while waiting for a taxi)[[Source]]

For example, Tamaki has an interesting quote in his article.

Brief introduction

A summary of everything that has made him/her relevant.


If you have given it in legal sources (remember: facebook of private individuals is not a legal source), then write it in a narrative way.

Characteristics (psychological profile)

It is not necessary to be a psychologist to edit this part, it is enough to know how this person is and explain why: sociable or sullen, open or closed to criticism, if he thinks profitably or is altruistic, etc...

Artistic style

You have to write as an art critic, but objectively. A good article where the artistic style is analyzed quite well is that of Jesusclon.

Particular cases of his/her drawings (+ gallery)

If between the works of each artist there is a subset with a rather striking pattern, then we must mention them. For example:

  • MasterOfRa: his obsession with Chibiusa, his OCs, his appreciation to Maddie, etc.
  • Axel-DK64: his obsession with Konata (both human and furry) and his other obsessions. Also his artistic evolution divided in stages.
  • ArthurT: his strange repetitive behavior, where he draws the same idea over and over again (as if it were a personal "meme").

Do not forget that each particular case should have some images in its gallery.

General theme of giantesses in his/her works (+ gallery)

If the rest of the work no longer follows a striking pattern, then let them enter here.


If he/she has published some work, a list must be made about it. Butre and UnosDays have published works.

Trivia (optional)

Everything that attracts attention, what is interesting and worth highlighting, or what is implicit in his/her data.

Source (optional)

If some information you have taken from other side, you have to give your sources.

Models of articles about artists

Not all articles about artists follow exactly this pattern, but at least to make articles that have enough information, such as the following:

NOTE: If you need help editing an article or how to decorate it, get the codes from the test article.