Huge statue of the greek goddess Athena. It is located in the Parthenon (Greece), is made of gold and ivory, its artist was Fidias (a great sculptor for his time). It is almost 12 meters high.

Pausanias, an ancient historian, made the following description: "The statue itself is made of ivory and gold. In the center of its hull there is a figure resembling the Sphinx ... and on each side of the helmet there are griffins in relief ... The statue of Athena is standing with a tunic down to her feet, and on her breast the head of Medusa is carved in ivory, holding a victory of about four cubits and in the other hand a spear, at her feet lies a shield And near the spear there is a serpent.This serpent might be Erictonius. Above the pedestal is the birth of Pandora in relief".

The face of this statue is remarkably rooted in the ideal of Greek beauty (white nordid race with slight armenization).


This same statue appears in the anime Saint Seiya:


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