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It is the cult film within the GTS community par excellence.

It is a 1958 American science fiction film produced by Bernard Woolner for Allied Artists Pictures. It was directed by Nathan H. Juran (in credits as Nathan Hertz), written by Mark Hanna and carried out by Allison Hayes, William Hudson and Yvette Vickers. The soundtrack was composed by Ronald Stein.

The film is based on films involving men who changed in size as The Increasingly Increasing Man and The Increasing Man, but in this case was replaced by a woman. The story revolves around a mentally unstable woman who has a close encounter with an alien causing her to grow to become a giantess.

Synopsis (with spoilers)

Nancy Archer (Allison Hayes), a wealthy woman, but with a history of emotional instability and excessive alcoholism is driving in her car along the Californian desert highway at night. A giant sphere is positioned in the race in front of it, causing it to stop. While she goes to investigate, a creature emerges from it (one can observe only one hand while she shouts), Nancy escapes and returns to the town, nevertheless no one believes in its history due to its history and to have been in a sanatorium. Her womanizing husband Harry Archer (William Hudson) is more interested in his mistress, the wench Honey Parker (Yvette Vickers), but pretends to be a good husband with the aim of Nancy going crazy and returning to the sanatorium, leaving in her hands the 50 million Of her dollars.

Harry accompanies his wife in search of the satellite, on the condition of sending her to the sanatorium if she did not find evidence, until that night emerges from the sphere a humanoid, Harry escapes leaving his wife behind. Nancy is found with delusions so she must be sedated, however they notice a few scratches on her neck, coming to the theory that she was exposed to radiation. Harry tries to give a lethal dose of sedative to his wife, when she wakes up becoming a giantess. Nancy Archer, now a giantess, she leaves in search of her husband to collect revenge.


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  • The film was filmed in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California; with a reduced budget of $ 89,000 ($ 734,905 in dollars for 2015 adjusted for inflation).
  • This film grossed $ 480,000 in its premiere being a box office hit for the Woolner Brothers.
  • It was well received in the Rotten Tomatoes site, obtaining a rating of 75% with a total of 12 reviews received (9 fresh and 3 rotten).
    • Hal Erickson thinks the movie "may well be one of the worst science fiction movies of all time, but that does not mean it's not completely funny."
    • The film despite having a poor history, is considered the most iconic of its kind, history and characters have been parodied in films and television series.
  • The poster created by Reynold Brown is one of the best known and was preselected by Premier magazine in the list of "25 best posters of all time."

1993's remake

In 1993 she was adapted to an HBO movie, directed by Christopher Guest and starring Daryl Hannah in the role of Nancy Archer.

The adaptation had a negative response from critics, however critic Brian Gusse de Rovi clarified that "this cable adaptation of the cult of the same name is updated with a more feminist inclination and a more intelligent and reflective script."


  • In 1995, Fred Olen Ray produced a parody titled "Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds" starring J. J. North and Tammy Parks, however this film used the technique of forced perspective unlike previous films that used photomontages.