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Axel (2)

Artistically improving slowly but improving.

Axel (5)

He is a great fan of Nostalgia Critic.

Axel (4)

He is so fan that he cosplayes him. At her side is her older sister.

American amateur illustrator of Mexican parents.

He is an example of a person who manages to gain fame thanks to his active social life (similar to Final7Darkness).

Being a descendant of Mexican parents (but born in the United States), he has a slight command of Spanish (he understands it well, but speaks with flaws).

His drawings express that he is fan of the animé in general, but mainly by Lucky Star. In addition, it is hopelessly in love with Konata (personage of the animé previously mentioned).

He also likes furries and derivatives such as pokémon (includes Gardevoir), My Little Pony, among others.


  • Sociable: He likes to make many friends. In fact many of his drawings are gifts for these.
  • Slow self-overcoming: His drawings improve, but in a very slow way compared to other artists.
  • Obsessive compulsive: If a subject likes it, it will repeat it several times.
  • Peaceful: He does not like to enter into conflicts or fights, he does not like being aggressive.

Artistic style

His style has been evolving over the years and is getting better (but slowly). So his style is divided into 5 stages (shown below). At the moment, we will see the characteristics of his style in broad strokes:

  • Anime style: Maintain the characteristics of large eyes, spherical and pointed heads on the chin, pointy hair, etc. Although it also has a small influence of Western caricature style.

Konata: his obsession

He is in love with this character, this has reached the point where he draws himself and her in situations that only the macrophilic men would be pleased:

Furry Konata: His ultimate sexual fantasy

Knowing that he likes Konata is not enough, he also likes furries. He shows it in what he calls "his ultimate sexual fantasy (fetish)", since he combines Konata and the furry theme. This is clearly described in My Ultimate Fetish!:

"oh man, this is HEAVEN for me. 😍

A cute giantess Konata Izumi anthro fox girl?! It's ALL of my strange dreams and fantasies come true, well not really.

Again, this was BEFORE I've met Taokk, so again, don' hurt me, my love! I still love you more. >o< ~❤️

Hope the rest of you like it though. 😛"

NOTE: Taokk is his current girlfriend (later will be spoken of her).

Kagami: his other obsession (but less intense)

Kagami is also a character of Lucky Star, but Axel is not so obsessed with her:

Taokk: his girlfriend

Taokk Cristo

Is she a Christian and engaged in obscene business? This hypocritical contradiction shows that, as a Christian, she does not know her enemies ("the flesh"). Christ would not accept her in the Kingdom of Heaven as a hypocrite.

The "Christian" Mexican user Taokk is her current girlfriend, or at least that's what Axel considers. Axel draws her in her black cat costume.

Axel usually draws situations where she and he are in situations that only the giantess fetishists would interpret as pleasant:

Stage 1: Paper

  • Line-art: Sometimes he does it with a pencil and sometimes with a pen.
  • Color: Mostly it does with charcoals, although rarely does it with a marker.

Stage 2: Digitally chaotic

  • Line-art: Always with pencil.
  • Color: It looks like he uses Paint Tool SAI, but with the mouse.

This combination gives a visually chaotic style. To be more specific, it is a bad combination between charcoal outline (traditional) and SAI (digital) coloring. Put another way: his drawings look "dirty".

This style has lasted for a long time, so its respective gallery willbe wide:

Stage 3: Semi-vectorial

  • Line-art: Always with pencil.
  • Color: Digitally, but now with uniform colors.

If in the previous stage his drawings looked "dirty", this time evolved into a "cleaner" style.

This stage is called semi-vectorial because it is an intermediate stage between the chaotic and pure vector. This stage lasted relatively little:

Stage 4: Pure vector

  • Line-art: Digital, now use the pen tool.
  • Color: Digitally, but now with uniform colors.

Their colored ones look very "clean", but they sin of being very flat in term of colors.

In addition, his outlines, not having the freedom offered by the physical pen (using the digital pen tool is very complicated when using only the mouse), worsened remarkably. For example: note that hands and bodies in general are now drawn in a more "oval" way and lacking curves with inflection points and points.

For these reasons, this stage also lasted relatively shortly, before giving way to a more complex stage:

Stage 5: Vector with gradients

  • Line-art: Digital, now use the pen tool.
  • Color: Digitally, but now with gradients.

Now his drawings not only look "clean", but they have also improved visibly (but there are still imperfections). Their outlines still have the problem of the previous stage.

On the other hand, now that he uses gradients, his colorings already have shading (although imperfect).

The maneuver of using the gradients is quite interesting: in miniatures they look like good and complex drawings, but when they enlarge them imperfections are noticed.

This stage is lasting a long time, probably, this is either his definitive style:


  • He's Catholic.
  • If you speak him in Spanish, he will also answer you in Spanish (but with many flaws).
  • He is similar to MasterOfRa in the sense that it is obsessed with an animé character, that is, Chibiusa.