The major antagonist of the Whole Cake Island arc. Her real name is Charlotte Linlin (シャーロット・リンリン).

She is the only female Yonko (one of four emperors) of the series. Her family consist of 85 children (39 daughters and 46 sons), as well as marrying 43 husbands for a total of 129. Her family is even bigger than that since some children have children of their own (such as Capone Pez), though she usually ditches the husbands.

Powers and abilities

Big Mom ate the Soul-Soul Fruit. This allows her to manipulate her own soul as well as others who at least have fear for her. She uses these souls to create "Homies" which are objects and insentient beings that have been anthropomorphized by the transfer of souls. Two of her most powerful Homies are Prometheus the Sun and Zeus the thundercloud.

She also knows Arment (makes her arms denser to give it an iron look) and Conqueror's (makes weak fighters faint from usage) Haki, plus her Conqueror's Haki is in the form of high-pitch screech.

As a Yonko, she's also a strong pirate. Even as a child, she was strong enough to kill an Elbaph bear (giant bear) in one slap along with an actual giant, and be considered for Admiral level of the Marines. She also has a very high defense in which she was known as an iron balloon since even rocket launchers aren't strong enough to harm her without some exception.

Character general info


Big Mom wears a large pink bicorne hat bearing a Jolly Roger on the front. She has worn two versions: the first design consisted of a standard skull with crossbones behind it, as well as large flame-like patterns to the sides, whereas the current version, named Napoleon, has two crossed sabers instead of crossbones, possesses smaller lateral flame patterns, and is imbued with a fragment of her soul, causing its skull to change expressions and talk to Big Mom;on its top, the hat is edged with a thick yellow streak, it has a strip snap-fastened to it, and beneath it is a light, polka-dotted bandana fastened around Big Mom's head. Big Mom also dons a pink dress with red polka dots and white ruffles on its neckline and hemline, with a wide, rippling white cape attached to its back that falls to the ground. The outfit is completed with dark blue high heels, one turquoise pearl wristband on either wrist, and golden, jeweled rings on all her fingers.


Big Mom is a extremely unstable and gluttonous pirate who loves to eat sweets above all else and has all the islands under her external protection pay her with metric tons of whatever kind of confectionery or pastry they can produce. Even as a child Linlin was easily persuaded to stay on Elbaf after her parents allowed her to eat as much sweets as she wanted. In fact, she loves her sweets so much that her subordinates or her territory holds less importance compared to it. If she doesn't have her sweets, she goes in a psychopathic rage, attacking anything and anyone no matter if they are friend or foe.

About her size

Even though she's a human, Charlotte Linlin is very large in size. Also, she's a Imperfect giantess due to having a very wide body with small proportioned hands and legs. However, what's stranger is that she was very large, even as a 5-year-old. Though unlike Shirahoshi who was only very large compared to her mother, Linlin was large even when compared to both of her parents.


Episode 571

  • Short Summary: Big Mom is excited for the wedding coming in four days, as well as having some of Fishman Island's candy. She eats some of the "people" that also want the candy. Bobbin reports to her of burning a country for not giving her their agreement of giving her promised sweets, and that Fishman Island may not give her the promised sweets, so she arranges a call. Luffy answers as he mentions his name and that he'll be King of the Pirates. Luffy announces he ate her ten tons of candy. Luffy reports he would exchange it for treasure, which she refused. Tamago reported to her that two ships from a country they were suppose to protect were destroyed by Captain Kid, and it would be best to wait another two weeks while accepting treasure as an apology. Big Mom refuses the compromise, but since decides to change her target from the island to Luffy. Luffy decides to take her down and then claim Fishman Island as his turf.

Episode 572

  • Short Summary: Jinbe envisions Big Mom "engulfing Fishman Island".

Episode 764

  • Short summary: Capone Bege mentions the threat level of Big Mom.

Episode 786

  • Short Summary: Big Mom sings "Bloody Party" with personified objects about the upcoming wedding between her daughter and the Germa son, and pillaging islands to gather ingredients for the wedding cake. She also notices Straw Hat Luffy has arrived on Totto Land.

Episode 788

  • Short summary: Big Mom goes on a tantrum in which she has a psychological craving for croquembouche, and nothing can stop her until she gets it. She ends up in Sweet City in which she rampages through the city, causing an evacuation. She even ends up taking a bite from a large building and climbing on it.

Episode 789

  • Short summary: She jumps down from the building and eats different personified objects while also smashing buildings. Her sixteenth son, Charlotte Moscato, saves a little girl from being stepped on by her. He tries to stop her from going to the castle by informing he's her son and to wait 30 minutes for the croquembouche to be made, but it doesn't work. She later asks him "Life or treat", in which his lifespan gets removed by his fear towards her. Jinbe travels on the river of juice with a personified croquembouche, and throws it in Big Mom's mouth. Big Mom's tantrum has ended as she thanks him for giving her the Poneglyph and doesn't think she destroyed the city. Jinbe said he requested to tell her something important, in which she hopes it's not to leave her crew. She has Jinbe follow her to the castle.

Episode 790

  • Short summary: After walking to the castle a few more times, Big Mom notices he's planning on leaving. She accepts it, but for losing a powerful asset, she has him pay the price, with a roulette to determine what he'll lose.

Episode 795

  • Short summary: Big Mom's dream is for all the world's races to become family and to sit with them around a dining table at eye-level, and wants Caesar to make the people gigantic through science. No matter how much money she spent for research, she was always told that the research was almost done, and she wants the results. Despite saying the results were "good", Caesar knew his experiments were deadly while only being test on children, and that there's no way to make a drug that will magically make anyone gigantic. Caesar blames Luffy and Law for the destruction of his lab, but she tells him she had the Minister of Candy, eldest son Perospero, build the exact replica of the same lab from Punk Hazard, and he doesn't have to worry about cost. Also despite the research being done for centuries, Caesar lied by saying it'll be done in a week or two, making her excited.

Episode 796

  • Short summary: The homies (the personified objects made by Big Mom's powers) report the Straw Hats are being tormented in Seducing Woods and they'll never get out of. She sends Cracker, whom the homies are scared of, to go after the pirates. Pound states the "incarnations" created from her soul take one month of everyone's lifespan of everyone's lifespan per 6 months.

Episode 797

  • Short summary: Big Mom is revealed to be Lola's mother.

Episode 798

  • Short summary: Nothing notable as she was mentioned by Brûlée to show how much Pound’s act was a form of treason.

Episode 800

  • Short summary: Nami reminds the homies how scared they should be of her when holding the Vivre card. Meanwhile, Big Mom talks with Napoleon (her hat) about meeting with the Vinsmokes with an engagement ceremony, and the wedding cake will arrive in one day. She is reminded that once Sanji enters the castle, the Straw Hats won't see him again, and the wedding and tea party will be held in the castle. Big Mom wonders if the pirates are more bark than bite.

Episode 802

  • Short summary: Big Mom walks through the hall.

Episode 806

  • Short summary: Big Mom eats pudding and notices a crash on her wall from Cracker's defeat. Pound also informs of her powers for controlling the weather with Zeus and Prometheus.

Episode 807

  • Short summary: Big Mom gives very demeanor appearances in the song "Hope".

Episode 809

  • Short summary: Big Mom gets mad that Cracker lost to Luffy and sends in a storm cloud of syrup with an army to deal with him. She walks to the dining hall where some of her younger children are seen by the entrance. At the dining hall, she has tea with her daughter and the Vinsmoke where they discuss on their political marriage.

Episode 810

  • Short summary: Nothing notable as she was briefly mentioned by Sanji.

Episode 811

  • Short summary: While Big Mom eats a lot of sweets, Sanji asks Big Mom that he’ll marry Pudding as long as the Straw Hats are set free and alive. She accepts the offer and decides to make the wedding her top priority even though Luffy as done some inexcusable things to her.

Episode 812

  • Short summary: While Tamago mentions the journey of the four Road Poneglyphs, Big Mom shows the Vinsmokes the creatures she has put into books with the help of her son, Mont-d’Or. Judge mentions he has never come across a Giant in Totto Land, making her upset. After getting a report of Luffy and Nami’s capture, she calls the captives on a Transponder Snail and Luffy responds that he will beat her up.

Episode 813

  • Short summary: Big Mom informs Luffy that if he gives up on getting Sanji, she’ll let him go alive, noting how important the wedding is to her and he would pay if he does anything to ruin it. She also reminds Luffy of the Tamate Box she has from Fishman Island, waiting to open the box during the wedding. She laughs at Pudding being friends with the Straw Hat and asks Nami if she killed Lola. When Nami replied she became friends with her and thought her mother will help them out, Big Mom yells in rage, wanting her daughter dead due to refusing a political marriage that could help her in becoming “King” of the Pirates. Luffy tells Big Mom he’ll take back Sanji. Pudding reminiscents her mother treating her like a doll (having to do what she says). Big Mom hangs up and gets excited for the wedding, hoping to get Germa’s power and some wedding cake. She gets intell of an intruder invading the Treasure Repository, fearing he would go after the Tamate Box.

Episode 815

  • Short summary: Big Mom walks to the Treasure Room, in which she breaks the door and spots Brook messing with her treasure. She views him as a strange creature.

Episode 816

  • Short summary: Brook tells Big Mom that he’s trying to get a copy of her Road Ponegylph. When he comes down, he shows defiance instead of fear when facing her and insist he’ll take her down. She summons Zeus and Prometheus, while also having Napoleon join the fight. Five years ago, Big Mom confronted Pedro and Zepo and decides to punish the two for trying to steal something on her island and stabbing Tamago’s left eye. She has Zepo spin the roulette, resulting in having him pay 100 years of his lifespan, but only had enough for 30 in which Pedro has to pay for the other 70. With Pekoms insisting her to lower the debt and Pedro stabbing his own left eye, Big Mom lowers the debt to 50 years of his lifespan taken away.

Episode 818

  • Short summary: Brook tries to fight Big Mom by running around the room really fast and then do sneak attacks, but she attacks with Zeus and Prometheus. Brook then decides to play his music to attract the Homies, but it has very little effect on them; Big Mom wants him even more for being a good guitarist. After Prometheus and Zeus attack Brook, Big Mom tries to grab him, but he backs away. The two homies argue on who should take down Brook first, he tries to do a final sneak attack on the Emperor until Napoleon intervenes. Big Mom guesses that Brook keeps on fighting for the copy of the Poneglyph, in which he adds on he’s doing it for Sanji’s sake to at least accomplish something in the rescue mission. Big Mom mentions that there is no telling who will die, which Brook mentions he does not plan of it.

Episode 820

  • Short summary: Big Mom likes Brook even more for his persistence as they continue their fight. Brook manages to get a chance to drill through her skin with his sword, but its durability states otherwise. Big Mom smacks the skeleton across the room and later a final punch from her after he scarred Prometheus. Big Mom comments on how he was able to defeat the Chess Soldiers, but the three homies she fought with were from her soul. She’s also glad that there’s nothing hiding in his clothing or supplies. She comments that they have Pudding, who is a hybrid of the Three-Eyed Tribe, to read the Poneglyph and reach Raftel. Due to being a hybrid, if her daughter doesn’t awaken her power, she would consider her as only a freak. Pudding asks her mother to go to another room to talk with her.

Episode 822

  • Short summary: After Brûlée mentions how savage her mother is, Big Mom compliments Brook for giving Prometheus a deep scar since no one has hurt Homies from her soul before. She decides to keep him for his uniqueness instead of putting him in a book. When talking with Pudding, she mentions she’ll kill the Straw Hats after the wedding as she also thinks the Germa boys are unsuspecting of what’s going on with their assassination. She visualizes their death and that as soon as the royal family dies, she’ll take over their country.

Episode 823

  • Short summary



Sanji imagines Big Mom
  • When Tamago stated that the sweets-loving Big Mom was a female pirate, Sanji imagined her as an attractive redhead.
  • According to an SBS, her appearance was very different at the age of 28.
  • Big Mom was the latest of all the known Yonkos to have her name revealed.


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