The major antagonist of the Whole Cake Island arc. Her real name is Charlotte Linlin (シャーロット・リンリン).

She is the only female Yonko (one of four emperors) of the series. Her family consist of 83 children (39 daughters and 44 sons), as well as marrying 43 husbands for a total of 127. Her family is even bigger than that since some children have children of their own (such as Capone Pez), though she usually ditches the husbands.

Powers and abilities

Big Mom ate the Soul-Soul Fruit. This allows her to manipulate her own soul as well as others who at least have fear for her. She uses these souls to create "Homies" which are objects and insentient beings that have been anthropomorphized by the transfer of souls. Two of her most powerful Homies are Prometheus the Sun and Zeus the thundercloud.

She also knows Arment (makes her arms denser to give it an iron look) and Conqueror's (makes weak fighters faint from usage) Haki, plus her Conqueror's Haki is in the form of high-pitch screech.

As a Yonko, she's also a strong pirate. Even as a child, she was strong enough to kill an Elbaph bear (giant bear) in one slap along with an actual giant, and be considered for Admiral level of the Marines. She also has a very high defense in which she was known as an iron balloon since even rocket launchers aren't strong enough to harm her without some exception.

Character general info


Big Mom wears a large pink bicorne hat bearing a Jolly Roger on the front. She has worn two versions: the first design consisted of a standard skull with crossbones behind it, as well as large flame-like patterns to the sides, whereas the current version, named Napoleon, has two crossed sabers instead of crossbones, possesses smaller lateral flame patterns, and is imbued with a fragment of her soul, causing its skull to change expressions and talk to Big Mom;on its top, the hat is edged with a thick yellow streak, it has a strip snap-fastened to it, and beneath it is a light, polka-dotted bandana fastened around Big Mom's head. Big Mom also dons a pink dress with red polka dots and white ruffles on its neckline and hemline, with a wide, rippling white cape attached to its back that falls to the ground. The outfit is completed with dark blue high heels, one turquoise pearl wristband on either wrist, and golden, jeweled rings on all her fingers.


Big Mom is a extremely unstable and gluttonous pirate who loves to eat sweets above all else and has all the islands under her external protection pay her with metric tons of whatever kind of confectionery or pastry they can produce. Even as a child Linlin was easily persuaded to stay on Elbaf after her parents allowed her to eat as much sweets as she wanted. In fact, she loves her sweets so much that her subordinates or her territory holds less importance compared to it. If she doesn't have her sweets, she goes in a psychopathic rage, attacking anything and anyone no matter if they are friend or foe.

About her size

Even though she's a human, Charlotte Linlin very large in size. Also, she's a Semi-giantess due to having a very wide body with small proportioned hands and legs. However, what's stranger is that she was very large, even as a 5-year-old. Though unlike Shirahoshi who was only very large compared to her mother, Linlin was large even when compared to both of her parents.


EP571, 786, 788-790


Sanji imagines Big Mom
  • When Tamago stated that the sweets-loving Big Mom was a female pirate, Sanji imagined her as an attractive redhead.
  • According to an SBS, her appearance was very different at the age of 28.


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