Fet 1 z

This article contains some content involving a mature subject or situation and may not be suitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.

American amateur illustrator.

He arrived deviantART at the end of 2010 (when he was 15 years old). In 2011 he began to upload his fetishist-themed drawings, mainly on the giantess fetishism. However, as the years went by, he began to show more and more strange fetishes, such as pokémon or animals directly.

He admires and was influenced by artists like Hank88, AlloyRabbit and Ochiko.

Artistic style

2011 - 2013

From this time, his drawings were first-timers. With notable flaws in proportions and the lines were shaky. And every time he colored, he did it with simplicity:

2013 - today

By the middle of 2013, his drawings began to have a better style, and he begins to have his own style. The lines are no longer shaky and there are not so many disproportions. Apparently it acquired a tablet, because his coloring and outlines are done directly in the computer.