American amateur illustrator specialized in foot fetishism

With a distinctive drawing style, although he has begun a few months ago on the GTS subject, has a fairly prominent reputation among the giantess fetishists and the podophiles.


  • Generally sociable.
  • He puts the vast majority of his drawings with age restrictions despite not being explicit.
  • He makes free requests to his followers in the open section through journal "request-a-mania" where his fans can send him ideas.
  • He makes streams by
  • Aparentemente abierto a críticas.

Artistic style

BoneSplinters is especially known in the GTS community due its artistic style: he makes monochrome drawings in black and white, along with his own style of drawing mixed between animé and cartoon, in fact, some of his works seem to be like classic cartoons of Fleischer.

The way he draws feet is acceptable, caricatured with long fingers, despite drawing with a single color, BoneSplinters has been improving in the shading of his drawings, using colors with shade of gray to complement his works.

His drawings are not limited to the typical foot POV (a cliché), given that sometimes he touches on various themes with foot fetishism, for example with footplay, among others.

Although he follows a cartoon style that likes several giantess fetishists to be "adorable and retro", and to be guided by the basic morphology of the personages, sometimes they are seen inconsistency in his works, they have disproportions in his drawings, for example, in the legs that can be drawn with errors, or the feet that draw them too large, or with another anatomy failure, has simple backgrounds in some drawings, but has been improving to add more details and see more artistic occasionally.

Another aspect that fails is to draw small men interacting with gigantas, he lacks practice because they usually draw simple "lines" most of the time.

It should be noted that he also draws themes related to foot fetishism, but without the need for gigantas involved in it, and sometimes he begins to experiment, for example, practicing to make animations.

Gallery (without giantess fetishism)

Gallery (with giantess fetishism)

This is why it is especially known within the GTS community, including the request drawings made for his followers in the request-a-mania.