Original logo, when the franchise had started.

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Ponies of the first generation.

MLP History concept

Explanation of the artistic style of Lauren Faust.

Brony is a fan of My Little Pony, more exactly of the 4th generation called Friendship is Magic. The term "Brony" comes from the contraction of the English words brother and pony.

In the case of women, there is the term pegasister, which is the contraction of pegasus and sister.

My Little Pony: an overview


Prototype of ponies according to their generation in toys (above) and in their respective animated series (below).

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The same pony drawn according to each generation.

Action Hank mola

For the years 90 and 2000, My Little Pony was a series strictly consumed by girls. In this gif is reflected this idea: Action Hank (personage admired by Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory) strikes the opposite of what is male: a pony.

Broadly speaking, it is nothing more than a franchise of toys developed by the company Hasbro, whose aim are girls.

The ponies have colorful bodies, manes and a unique symbol on one or both sides of their flanks. These are named as Cutiemarks. My Little Pony has been renovated at least four times with new and more modern looks to attract a new market.

Following the original My Pretty Pony toy introduced in 1981, "My Little Pony" was released in 1983 and the line became popular during the 1980s. The original toy line ran from 1983 to 1995 (from 1992 in the USA), and inspired animated specials, an animated feature film, and four animated television series.

The brand's sales increased many times with the introduction of the fourth incarnation of the franchise, which began with the success of the 2010 animated television series (Frienship is magic). The brand raised $ 1 billion in retail sales in 2014 and $ 650 million in retail sales in 2013.

The inflection point: Friendship is Magic


Lauren Faust: the person behind the project.

In 2010, Lauren Faust aired another television series of My Little Pony and until now the most famous of the franchise.

It tells the story of Twilight Sparkle a unicorn student of Princess Celestia who has as assistant a baby dragon named Spike. Twilight at first did not like to socialize with other ponies but when Nightmare Moon threatens to ruin the tranquility in Equestria, Twilight is forced to make friends by mandate of Princess Celestia in Ponyville.

Unexpectedly massive popularity

Not for nothing has been labeled Friendship is Magic as the inflection point.



The Powerpuff Girls: A series that at the time was popular both among children and adults, both men and women. Note that artistic features such as large, colorful eyes, simplicity in their stroke and saturated colors were inherited to Friendship is magic.

The franchise of My Little Pony was always a success for the target audience (girls under 13). However, everything changed when Lauren Faust stepped in to create the fourth generation. Lauren Faust is a animator with experience, she worked on children's animated hits such as "The Powerpuff Girls" and "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". Therefore, this animator would be able to create a successful series.

Just as it had been before, The Powerpuff Girls had been popular for the whole audience, even though the series seemed directed to girls, so this series became one of the classic Cartoon Network.

Then, Lauren Faust went to work and began designing the ponies of the fourth generation. Unsurprisingly, these ponies inherited Lauren Faust's bold artistic style so that they had a semblance of their earlier works (especially in The Powerpuff Girls). Besides the graphic style, also inherited the literary style of its creator, reason why she knew to elaborate histories that like the whole public.

Public reaction


In the series The Powerpuff Girls they had dedicated a special chapter to the fanatics. They stereotyped them as old men and geeks with the obsession of wanting everything related to The Powerpuff Girls. What the creators of that episode did not know, is that joke would come true with Friendship is Magic. Yet another evidence that reality surpasses fiction.

It is known that Internet users at that time, had low expectations regarding the new generation. It was believed to be one more series of the pile.

When the series was seen by the public, the popularity soared due to the overall good development of the series. Strangely, the people who started to see and like this series were young adult males (between 18 and 30, mostly), so this group called themself brony.

The sum of these mysterious and unexpected fanatics with the girls to whom it was directed resulted in the greatest success in the history of this franchise.

Why is it so popular among adult males?

Artistic reasons

  • Graphics: The animation is fluid, the color palette is pleasing to the eye and the drawings, although simple, are well made.
  • Story: Literature is an art. The stories that are told in the series Friendship is Magic are entertaining and suitable for all the public.

Sexual motives?

That is a controversy that we would like to talk about, but this place is not appropriate.

Bronies in the GTS community

In every community there is everything, so it should not be surprising that in a community like the GTS community there are bronies. Artists like DeferredGalaxy3, Vancepar08, Billyblue999, AlloyRabbit and ChibiBiscuit are some examples.

Among brony art in the GTS community abound footsteps, as well as vore, but among the art type, photomanipulation is more abundant, mixing realistic backgrounds with pony vectors.