Butre (13)

One of his most detailed works.

Butre (16)

He is a fan of the Macross series. This scene is a tribute to the movie "Do you remember love?". In fact,...

Emilia Jenius Padres 2

...this is the image on which it was based (it is one of the most important scenes of that film).

Argentinian professional CGI artist. He too was an illustrator, a long time ago.

He is well known in the GTS community because of his numerous comics.

Artistic style

  • What he says: I am argentinian, whose hobby is the CGI (renders). Although I do not have a purely marked style, I like very voluptuous giantesses, going through all kinds of sizes that may be.
  • What empirical observation tells us: His art is directly erotic (usually naked), and sometimes it is pornographic. Almost always women are voluptuous, and in some cases are directly obese.
  • Realistic: He always uses real human figures.

Gallery of CGI

Gallery of illustrations


He claims to have made 40, which we will all mention here :

  1. Kannagi´s epic story
  2. The Fragrance of Success (parte 1, 2 y 3)
  3. The Beanstalk Saga
  4. Margeaux, would you eat me?
  5. A Small New World