Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら) is a manga/animé created by the group of female mangakas called CLAMP.

It treats the adventures of a 10-year-old girl named Sakura Kinomoto who, after opening a mysterious book in her basement, releases a bunch of magic cards. Now it is her mission to recover those magic cards, as they cause chaos and havoc in the world.


While reading Alice in Wonderland, Sakura is sucked into the book's fantasy due to another of Eriol's enchantments, this time on a leaf he gave Sakura to use as a bookmark. There she meets the story's characters who have taken on the forms of her friends and family: Eriol is the Cheshire Cat, Yukito/Yue is the White Rabbit, Toya is the Mad Hatter, Syaoran is Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee, Tomoyo is Humpty Dumpty, and Kero is the Red Queen. During the adventure, Sakura converts the Big and Little cards (in fruitless attempts to use them to her advantage), and discovers that Syaoran likes someone else other than Yukito. In the end, she manages to find the enchanted leaf floating in the sky and flies through it, allowing her to escape the book.



  • It is ironic that there is a part in which Sakura is shrunk, since the one who makes her shrink is her "brother" (remember that Sakura, from the first episode, wants to be a giantess and step on her brother).
  • This episode is the last episode where Sakura uses the sister cards "The Little" and "The Big".

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