I keep looking over my shoulder by chibibiscuit-d64pb1g

His fetish for long legs (leggy) is present even in his brony fantasies.

Metric is more scientific by chibibiscuit-d31c096

Note the abnormally long legs.

American amateur illustrator.

He is known for being obsessed with disproportionately long legs.

His name comes from the japanese word "chibi" (small).

Takai: his leggy wife

Takai is the character who draws constantly having loving relationships with himself (self-represented as an orange-haired short adult man). The most striking feature of Takai is her disproportionately long legs (she is a "leggy").

Takai is the character of chibiBiscuit's wife, whose account in deviantART is this.

Artistic style

First stage

At first, his drawings were simple, but little by little they were improving. Initially, his drawings did not have a definite style, reason why he experimented with different styles because he still did not find his own:

Second stage: 2009

As of 2009, he began to have his own style, and apparently began to show a new fetish: disproportionately long legs.

  • This style is a hybrid between manga and Western cartoon.
  • Its outline is soft (sometimes colored), and its coloring is often combined with cel-shading and a soft gradient: