Estaturas 03 Clásica b

Size difference between the lowest classic giantess (9 meters) and the highest (20 meters). An honorable inclusion has also been made to a woman of 15.24 meters (50 feet), who is the height of Nancy Archer (the most famous giantess in the cinematographic world), that is the protagonist of the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. It is used Wikyodai-chan, the Urban 1042 double cabin, a adult brachiosaurus (whose average height is around 9 meters), the Kukulkán's Temple (24 meters high and 55.3 meters measures the edge of its base) and the Great Sphinx of Giza (21 meters high and 57 meters long).

It is considered a classic giantess to the woman whose size oscillates between the 9 meters to the 20 meters.

The term "classic" is due to cult films of yesteryear like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, that popularized the 50 feet as if it were the optimal size for a giantess.

This is the range of sizes most used by non-fetishist authors of works of fiction, since it is the most tolerable to live and interact with humans of normal size.