Giant couple valley by sanone-d70t613

Example of couple. By Sanone.

Under the context of the GTS community, it is considered a couple (in Spanish: pareja) to 2 people of opposite sex of great size, that is, a giant and a giantess.

Within the GTS community, if the word "couple" is solitarily spoken, members of the community will assume that it is a pair of giants, they will rarely think of a normal couple or a relationship between a giantess and a normal man (or a para-giantess and a shrunken man).

To prevent confusion, it is recommended to add more information in the text or comment, ie avoid using the word "couple" without the extra information. For example:

  • A couple of normal people (heterosexual relationship).
  • A couple of giants (is assumed to be a heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman).
  • A couple of giantesses (friendly relationship).
  • A couple of shrunken o miniatures.
  • A couple of a giganta and a normal person (it is assumed that the latter is male).

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