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Courage, the Cowardly Dog is an american animated series produced by Cartoon Network and Stretch Films Studios which was created by John R. Dilworth, who directed each episode.

The story is about a dog called Courage and its owners: Muriel, an old Scottish woman, and Eustace, a grumpy old farmer. This dog lives to save the lives of dark monsters, aliens and other mythical creatures.

Summary (with spoilers)

AePC Tul (2)

Courage playing his tuba and making the worm dance.

AePC Tul (3)

Courage distracting Muriel.

AePC Tul (4)

The extraterrestrials (teddy bears) interrogating Courage and Muriel where the worm is.

AePC Tul (5)

The aliens trying to take the worm.

AePC Tul (6)

The worm is showing itself as it really is.

AePC Tul (7)

The worm devouring Muriel.

AePC Tul (8)

Giving instructions from the stomach of the worm.

AePC Tul (9)

The worm being guided towards the spacecraft.

AePC Tul (10)

Arriving at the Tulip's planet.

The episode begins with the arrival of a flying saucer that attacks a city, these extraterrestrials are teddy bears that are looking for a worm.

Then it is seen as Eustace expelled from his house to Courage for making a scandal with his tuba. Courage takes advantage of being away from home to continue playing that instrument, which causes a hole to dance to a blue worm. Then, Muriel offers him a sandwich, but as she says she put some vinegar on it, then Courage hides his sandwich in his "pocket".

Next, come the aliens, and ask them if they have seen a worm. Courage, out of fear, tells them where he is touching his tuba. The earthworm appears before all like the giant beast that is, so it devours the bears and Muriel.

The earthworm makes a hole in the earth and Courage follows it. Muriel and the bears, from the inside of the stomach, ask Courage to lead a worm to Tulip to solve this problem.

Courage manages to put the worm inside the ship with the music of his tuba. Now, Courage must handle the ship, which is handled like a bicycle, following the instructions of the bear. Courage must hurry because Muriel is already being digested.

After correctly following the instructions of the bear, Courage arrives precisely where it should arrive.

Tulip was a giantess blue girl with white hair and tulips on the top of her head.

She confirms the name of the worm is "Lombri". Courage tells Tulip that his stuffed animals have been devoured by the worm. Tulip presses the spine of the worm, but she can not remove them, because she affirms that "they are already very inside".

Courage enters the worm's digestive system, and arrives just in time. Muriel reminds him of the sandwich and gills, as he had saved it, throws it to the stomach, making the worm vomit forcibly.

When they leave the worm, Tulip is happy because she has not only recovered her bears, she has acquired "2 more pets" (this is supposed to be scary for people who are not members of the GTS community).

Courage takes the bandage from the Tulip finger and uses it as a parachute to land on the ship. Couarge starts his escape plan and Tulip gets upset about it and tries to catch the ship, but he can not.

Finally they arrive home and Muriel to celebrate it wants to make a sandwich to Courage...

...with a little vinegar.


  • This is one is the few episodes where Eustace almost does not participate.