American amateur illustrator and songwriter.

Artistic style

  • Tools: He uses a tablet to draw digitally. At the moment he has not created traditional art.
  • Anime style: He uses as a base animé style in his works, which has a bit of similarity to the cartoon style.
    • Line-art: Very shaky.
    • Anatomy: Something deformed and disproportionate.
    • Color: Simple and very opaque.


  • Sociable: He socializes with anyone.
  • Friendly: He is kind and friendly, and almost never comes into conflict with anyone.


Jenny Sara

Morgan Sara's younger sister. Very nerdy and tomboy and plays a lot of video games. It can be relaxed, but it gets angry quickly. He specializes in karate. He has an aggressive and dominant personality with care, leadership.

Jenny Sara is the main OC of DeferredGalaxy3.

Morgan Sara

Jenny Sara's older sister. She is an inventor. Gentle, geeky, quirky, a cute clumsy sometimes. She is also constantly wanting his friends to be happy.


She's an android Jessica Morgan Sara built. Shy and nervous, but you can be playful with people she knows. She likes to be treated like a human being. Very friendly.