Dex08 (12)

Note that Dexter, the "genius" child (and who supposedly also knows everything) uses the word giant instead of giantess. This, in addition to being a contradiction to Dexter's vast wisdom, shows that his writers are not from the GTS community or are linguistically uneducated.

Dexter's Laboratory is a 1999 comic published in the DC editorial. It is a complement to the animated series, although it is not considered as canon.

Synopsis (without spoilers)

Dee Dee is playing with her kite, but it is stuck in a tree. To solve the problem, she decides to use her brother's laboratory to enlarge herself. With her new size, she recovers her kite, but realizes that her can also do good deeds (gentle).

However, Dexter learns that Dee Dee has grown and he must find a way to get her back to normal size...



DexLab 19

Chapter #19.

  • The present chapter bears a resemblance to The Big Sister (an important episode of its animated version, since it was the second pilot episode).
  • Chapter #19 of this same series of comics shows a scene where Dee Dee devours Dexter. One might think that the chapter is about GTS again, but that is not true, it never does.