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DexBS (29)

Dee Dee is very big. Notice the interesting use of the spherical perspective (of 5 points) in the art of Genndy Tartakovsky.

Dexter's Laboratory was an animated American children's science fiction comedy series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.

The series revolves around Dexter, a genius kid with a secret lab filled with a collection of his inventions. Dexter is constantly in conflict with his sister Dee Dee, who always manages to enter his laboratory despite his efforts to keep her out of it, as well as Mandark his archrival.

Summary (with spoilers)

DexBS (21)

Shrunken rat.

DexBS (22)

Rat with 2 heads.

DexBS (27)

Big "rat".

Dexter has developed a series of biscuits with unpredictable side effects, in order to study them he will have to obtain empirical data from experiments with rats:

  • The first rat was reduced in size.
  • The second rat was left with 2 heads.
  • And the third "rat" (which was a human Dee Dee costume in disguise) got bigger.

From here is where the drama begins, as Dee Dee goes to town to "play", and Dexter is happy because he will not be bothered anymore.

Dee Dee begins to believe that the objects around her are toys, so people and vehicles use them to play.

After a while, Dexter watches on TV that a "giant monster" is attacking the city, so he decides to intervene to save the city from that "monster", not for altruistic purposes, but for profit in the sense of winning respect and reputation.

Dexter enters Robo-Dexo (a giant robot with similar characteristics to its creator), while distracting his mother with a robot, but left his unpredictable cookies in his room, exposing them to his mother.

Then Dexter, inside his giant robot, decides to face Dee Dee. After a long battle, where Dexter was always serious while Dee Dee took it all a joke (that is, Dee Dee has dominated the situation without difficulties).

DexBS (49)

Dexter about to enter the Robo-Dexo.

DexBS (51)

Dexter forgot his unpredictable cookies in his room.

DexBS (84)

The girl dress represents the humiliation for Dexter.

Dexter SE0-EP2 (69)

A new problem.

After Dee Dee's accurate stroke, Dexter is ejected from his robot (which was about to explode), so Dexter is in the hands of Dee Dee (literally).

Now that Dexter is under the control of his sister, she wants to dress him as a girl (if it was not enough humiliating defeat inside his robot, then that will be worse), so that Dexter uses as a last resort to offer him a cookie, still knowing that it has unpredictable side effects.

Luckily the cookie returned to Dee Dee to her original size. However, a new problem occurred: their mother was transformed into a green monster with tentacles, which makes Dexter faint.


Sym bionic titan by iron117prime-d7wypdz

Sym-Bionic Titan: another masterpiece by Genndy Tartakovsky canceled by the lucrative decisions of Cartoon Network.

DexBS (50)

Go, go! Power Rangers!

  • This is not the only episode that deals with giants, there are several, and it is not surprising because Genndy Tartakovsky (creator of this series) likes this theme for artistic reasons (inspired by the "mecha" themes that he enjoyed in his childhood).
    • Later he created the Sym-Bionic Titan series, which dealt with the fights of a giant robot (mecha) against giant monsters. This project was the most ambitious he did (in his own words), but the decisions of Cartoon Network made it canceled (as so happened to his masterpiece Samurai Jack).
  • In one of the frames of this epiosode, in the room there is a poster with an image allusive to the franchise Power Rangers (a series where 5 warriors must defeat a monster of turn, arriving a moment in which this one becomes giant and the heroes must call a giant robot called Megazord to fight it).
    • In fact, the Dexter and Dee Dee fight is a reference to the Megazord's fight against the giant monster of turn.

An entire episode dedicated to the giants?

Although the segment called The Big Sister has been published as the second pilot episode (SE0-EP2), this same segment was recycled and reused in the third segment of the sixth episode of the first season (SE1-EP06C).

However, in that same episode there were three other segments that dealt with the subject of the giants:

SE1-EP06A: Dee Dee's room

Dexter explores his sister Dee Dee's room to retrieve a knife. Although there was no change of size directly, for artistic reasons they make Dee Dee's bedroom look like a giantess. In fact, the alteration in size is so evident that a doll is literally larger than Dexter:

SE1-EP06B: Hunter

Here Dexter does not participate, but his pet monkey. At the end of the episode, a villain who likes to hunt is sent to a planet where its inhabitants are bigger than him and can hunt him:

SE1-EP06-Mini: Ears

Between the second and third segment of this episode, there is a short "comic" episode where they show Dexter exploring the inside of Dee Dee's ear, but she expels him by force:

Closing theme

When an episode of the first season ends, show between credits 2 scenes of The Big Sister:


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