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Diana comparación

Size difference between the size of Diane as giantess (9,14 meters) and with her "normal size" (1,57 meters).

A main character of Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins in English).

She is the snake of envy (and certainly she is jealous).

Until her side story, it has been seen that she is the only giantess of the series.

Physical appearance

She is a young-looking woman with brown hair, which is usually tied in two ponytails.

As for her clothing, this is basically composed of a suit composed of a single piece of orange, which exposes the whole of her legs, in addition to this, she uses orange boots just like her suit that stretch by her legs almost to the height of her knees. On most occasions, in addition, she usually wears a metallic blue glove in her right hand.


It is variable and depends on the situation:

  • When faced with enemies or people who bother her, she becomes aggressive.
  • In other cases, she is friendly and defends others.

The snake of envy

Being a member of The Seven Deadly Sins, she was assigned as the sin of envy, represented by a serpent (and carries a tattoo of this animal on her left leg).

She is also jealous when she sees other women interacting with Meliodas, falsely believing that Meliodas "is putting the horns on her".

Powers and abilities

  • Great strength and endurance.
  • Domain of the land (can manipulate at will).

Her sacred treasure: Gideon

Gideon is a giant hammer (like her) that, being equipped, drastically increases her forces and gives her new abilities, such as lifting giant clusters of land and rock to launch them against the enemy.

King isn't a giantess fetishist or macrophile

The reason King is in love with Diane is because he had a strong relationship in the past with her. When Diane changed to "normal size," King showed no reaction.

About her size

If we compare geometrically her original size (as a giantess) to the one she has as Matrona (supposedly "normal"), then:

9.15/1.65 = 5.45

Which means she's about 5 times higher than normal.

Why she hates her size?

NnT - SE1-EP04 (119)

Fantasy of Diane imagining with a "normal size".

She is of the Clan of the giants (as if it were her race), reason why her great size is the one that has by default.

While her size gives it great strength and endurance, it also causes disadvantages like not being able to adapt to the world that surrounds her, that is to say:

  • She can not enter human structures (houses, buildings).
  • Every time a (common) human sees her, that human is frightened.
  • It's expensive to feed her.
    • Example: If a normal-sized human needs a snack for lunch, Diane would need 5.453 times what the normal human would need, i.e. 170.5342 snacks (almost 200 snacks!).
      • This may be contradictory since she stated she's a very light eater who only needs to eat a cow in 4koma.
    • And that can be extrapolated to other needs.
  • Her size, according to Diane, is inappropriate to be able to have a relationship with Meliodas (her current lover).
    • In fact, when she got a "normal size", she told Meliodas that they could have many children. Implicitly she is telling us that with that size difference, there are probably difficulties in reproducing.


Because the gallery is very large (2712 images), it has been chosen to fragment it:

Fragment (click to enter) Description
  • It covers episodes 1 to 4 of season 1.
  • It contains 379 images.
  • It covers episodes 5 to 8 of season 1.
  • It contains 724 images.
  • It covers episodes 9 to 12 of season 1.
  • It contains 498 images.
  • It covers episodes 13 to 16 of season 1.
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  • It covers episodes 17 to 20 of season 1.
  • It contains 498 images.
  • It covers episodes 21 to 24 of season 1.
  • It contains 325 images.
  • It covers OVA 2 of season 1.
  • It contains 28 images.
Signs of Holy War
  • It covers 4 episodes from Signs of the Holy War.

Some important images

Chapter covers

Manga exclusive

Chapter 17

  • Short summary: The Seven Deadly Sins come across two Holy Knights as they try to conceal their identities. Meliodas mentions Diane as a waitress, which Diane refers to him by "Capitan". They get caught, but Oslo suddenly arrives, grows bigger, and gets later taken down by Meliodas.

Chapter 40

Short summary: In the manga, Diane started growing in the middle of the fight with Meliodas.

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 48

  • Short summary: The manga has her fist shown slamming at Marmas.

Fairy Tail x NNT (4koma)

  • Short summary: Hawk asks Diane if it's tough to find food to maintain her size. Diane tells Hawk she only needs to eat one cow. Hawk gets nervous and asks her how many pigs she would have to eat.

Chapter 52

  • Short summary: The Fake Seven Deadly Sins encountered four of the actual Sins. They later played with Diane and mentioned the Lord Mountain God, who's later revealed to be Gowther.

Chapter 53

  • Short summary: Meliodas entrusts Diane to protect Elizabeth.

Fairy x NNT (Christmas)

Short summary: Diane wears a sexy Santa outfit. Everyone is hungry and Diane is craving for Hawk.

Extra Chapter 3

Short summary: Diane is seen sleeping.

Chapter 82

Short summary: The manga has Diane's group meet Meliodas earlier in the story (right after the fight with Hendrickson and Vivian.

Chapter 83

Short summary: The group is introduced to Arthur Pendragon, and get trapped in Vivian'd illusions until Merlin shows up.

Chapter 84

Short summary: The group notice they're sealed inside Perfect Cube until Merlin erases the spell with "Absolute Cancel".

Chapter 85

Short summary: Hendrickson destroys the castle and turns the knights into demons.

Extra Chapter 6

Short summary: Diane steps through the Bandit's Hideout, causing it to slide down the hill. The bandits recognize "The Seven Deadly Sins".

Chapter 102

Short summary: Diane lifts a log to free King.

Chapter 103

Short summary: Diane (as a giant) shows off her new outfit, and then gets mad at Ban for not wearing his custom-made by King and her.

Chapter 105

Short summary: The Seven Deadly Sins are recognized for their actions.

Chapter 106

Short summary: Meliodas refuses the award for his fellow Sins and he fights Doggedo.

Chapter 107

Short summary: Diane's Power Level is 3250 and confronts with Batra with his predictions. (In the manga, she's giant sized)

Volume/Fanbook covers

Magazine covers


  • Although in the Anglophone countries she is known as Diane, in Spanish speaking countries she is known as Diana.
  • She was the second capital sin to join in the adventures of Princess Elizabeth.
  • If at 750 years old she is (relatively) about 15 (human) years old, then every 50 years is 1 year for the race of giants.
    • However, this statement is contradictory since a question corner states that 820-year-old Matrona would be 24-25 if she was a human, meaning Diane would be in her early 20s.
  • Diane, as a fictional character, is one of the best built.
    • While it is true that it follows the cliché of "powerful giantess that violates quadratic-cubic law", she gives an unusual approach to her size: it detests being giantess (and with reasons that were mentioned before), which is uncommon to see in giant fictional characters.
    • She moves away from the overexploited extremist stereotypes of "an irrational giantess proud of her size who likes to abuse her power and cause destruction" (evil) and that of "giganta forcibly kind that would not hurt a fly" (gentle); on the contrary, she is located at the middle point of these stereotypes, because rationally (and at the appropriate moments in history) they show both the friendly side and their brutal side towards certain characters.


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