Episode 05

  • Short summary: Diane is being deceived by hallucinations caused by a sacred knight. She believes that Meliodas is a sacral knight (enemy), so she attacks him mercilessly.

Episode 06

  • Short summary: Diane's fight against Meliodas continues. Although there are brief moments in which Diane stops being deceived by the hallucinations, this one again falls into the delusion. Meliodas and Elizabeth manage to unmask the sacred knight who deceived them. Then, they go to the castle to rescue Ban and the doctor's daughter, concluding on a successful rescue mission. Diane finally celebrates with her friends, although she does it standing and outside the building.

Episode 07

  • Short summary: Diane and her friends arrive in an almost desert town. They are looking for the supposedly deceased King. Finally King is found fighting with Ban, in addition King has a childish aspect and continues in love with Diane. Later they arrive at a field of flowers where they must think of a "near death experience" to accede to the world of the dead (Ban manages to do it in secret).

Episode 08

  • Short summary: Because Ban fled the group to chase the Elaine, Diane and the others go looking for him. But on their way they encounter a sacred knight who wants to attack them with igneous techniques. Diane receives several attacks, but they do not manage to damage that sacred knight, due to the "great resistance of the giants".