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Episode 13

  • Short summary: Diane regains her original size as a giantess, and in the crack where she fell she found her sacred treasure. When she returns to the surface, she attacks the sacred knight who is hurting her beloved Meliodas. Because she is armed, she can use new combat skills, such as pulling a gigantic rock from the ground to do a remarkable damage to a radius of several meters. The sacred knight flees the battle, stealing the sword of Meliodas. Meliodas is finally unharmed after the battle (as usual) and Diane rejoices. Finally, Diane prepares to continue with her adventures.

Episode 14

  • Short summary: She did not have much involvement, only stayed with Elizabeth in the tavern while her comrades went to look for food (but instead they ran into a monster).

Episode 15

  • Short summary: As in the previous epioses, it did not have much participation either. She only listened to the noise of the battle and accompanied Elizabeth to give the latter a new sword to Meliodas. The others are fighting a demon and finally find Gowther with his original appearance (androgynous male).

Episode 16

  • Short summary: To celebrate the fact that Gowther has returned to the team, the other deadly sins ask Gowther questions. Gowther shows his psychic powers by reading the minds of his peers. When he read Diane's mind, he revealed her real height and false height she claimed to have, plus there is also a considered difference between the weights; this made Diane angry because she hates her size (and everything about it). On the other hand, Gowther also reveals that Ban once robbed the powers of Diane and King, which made Diane show her cruel side by crushing Ban with her huge hand until bleeding. Then Gowther remarks that Elizabeth is in love with Meliodas, but Diane did not get angry because she was asleep. Subsequently, they are again on their way to a new place (Diane has to walk outside due to their size). While the others argue, Meliodas does some perverted acts to Elizabeth, which unleashes Diane's fury causing her to break a window with her huge face. Then, Elizabeth is suddenly abducted by "another" capital sin that can teleport. Meliodas, Ban and Gowther ask Diane to throw them into the kingdom of Liones.