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Episode 17

  • Short summary: Diane walks slowly to Liones next to King. King proposes an instant trip making her "devoured" by a magic wolf. When left to eat, she is transported to a dark "camera", but turns out to be an underground dungeon where she meets with sacred knights. She is attacked by several of them at once, with tornado attacks and electricity, until she flies off. Dreyfus, one of the "generals" attacks her mortally by piercing her belly and sending her to fly to fall in the city of Liones. Diane gets up with difficulty to continue fighting, but then loses her energy by saving the life of a child. Howzer and Guila, upon seeing such a heroic act, realize that capital sins were not criminal.

Episode 18

  • Short summary: Diana remains helpless and weak, and does nothing but be King's incentive to win the fight.

Episode 19

  • Short summary: There is a retrospective to explain King's past and his relationship with Diane. King is pursuing a fairy killer (his race), but he is unconscious after an attack. When awakening, it is with a girl called Diane of the clan of the giants. King and Diane become friends and live together almost 100 years. But after a secret confrontation of King and a friend of his own race, King had to abandon Diane and erase the memory, and therefore, to forget the promise to be with her forever. Finish this retrospective and the fight between King and his friend follows, Diane remains helpless. King is victorious and heals Diane.

Episode 20

  • Short summary: Meliodas is in a serious showdown against Hendrickson. Diane appears briefly in this episode, wanting to participate in the battle, but they are far from the zone of the conflict.

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