Signs of Holy War: Episode 1

  • Short summary: Diane and King wake up after hearing Hawk is missing. Everyone in the bar accepts the challenge of catching Hawk (with Diane wishing for Meliodas to go on a date with her). She partners with King and Howzer as part of her search and thanks them both for helping her stay alive. She suddenly finds Hawk, which he then climbs up through her clothes. King touches Diane's boobs to try to catch Hawk, but he misses and faints from a nosebleed.

Signs of Holy War: Episode 2

  • Short summary: Diane, along with others near Kingdom of Liones (with exception of Baltra and Slader) wait for Ban to arrive for his face-off against Meliodas. The other sins also prepared to fight Ban if he was planning to fight for the death as stated in rule #6, until he mentioned rule #5 in which two Sins in a disagreement can resolve it with a fight. Sometime later in the fight, Diane stops Elizabeth from worrying too much if they'll fight to the death. Meanwhile, King and Howzer settle in a fight for her, with King getting beaten up with ease, causing Diane to worry for him.

Signs of Holy War: Episode 3

  • Short summary: Diane watches the fireworks with King, but then leaves because she promised to work at the Boar Hat. Later in the morning, Diane leaves early for work while keeping her hair straight, and also remembers to take her pills to stay small. King tries to find her, but is reminded of the awful thoughts of her dealing with humans. Diane is seen working at a construction sight. She shows off her twin tails to the guys and explains she wants to help for apologies, even if they won't appreciate her, but the guys revealed that they feel it's the other way since they treated her terribly and feel ashamed for it. After she's done with work, King meets up with her and mentioned how forgiving she is. King almost slipped his memories from what he knew two hundred years ago of her. King spends time with Diane during a game of tag. Diane promises to do a request if King catches her. After King fantasizes of his request for her, she meets Diane at a wedding as she mentions humans using marriage as contracts to move on because of their short lifespans. Afterwards, Diane and King fight a New Generation that suddenly pop up from the ground. After defeating the demon, King caught Diane from her fall as she allows King to make his request. As part of it, he asks if she regained her memories, in which she gave him a kiss. After King gets a brick dropped on his head, Diane cares for him while he’s unconscious as he later loses his memory of the day they spent together.

Signs of Holy War: Episode 4

  • Short summary: Diane plays very little of a role as she was only jealous of Merlin stealing the spotlight for waitress at the Boar Hat and was summoned with the other Sins to Baltra with his prediction on the Ten Commandments.