It is curious to see that the word "giantess" has been used in a work of 1977 (this word was rare at that time).

Eerie is an anthology of mainly horror stories. However, there are quite a few fantasy stories at the beginning of the series and science fiction tales towards the end. Eerie served as a launching pad for many artists and writers.

Synopsis (without spoilers)

This delivery has several stories, which have their official synopsis:

Good-bye, Bambi Boone

First it was "The adventures of Gullivera!" Next it would be "Queenie Conga!" Bambi would prove she could act...even thirty feet tall!

Taking of Queen Bovine

The Dahmenites were planning to invade the USE. It was up to Bovine to stop the war if she could escape Killer Tobac...a six-foot high simian!

Bride of Congo

When the great ape took that famous plunge from the Empire State, the story seemed to be over. Actually that was the start. Here is the finale!

You're A Big Girl Now

Pretty Rachel Nielson was large for her age. Baby was thirty-two pounds at birth and a giantess by eight! Then she really started to grow up!


She had been programmed, like a robot, to build cities for the coming planet pioneers. Alas, one day she became more than a Star-Child. Earth was furious!

The Giant Ape Suit

The ape who terrorized New York was mechanical. Reicher & Clemento could conquer the world with such a machine. They found a better one!

Golden Girl

She had come to Greenworld for gold. The faceless man was a warning of disaster. She didn't understand. So in they went...and the tanks came clanking!


  • The cover was illustrated by Frank Frazetta (one of the artists who most admires Karbo).