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Shaman King's GTS character. She is the companion spirit of Faust VIII, who is his dead wife.


Little is known about her personality and her life. And what is known, is according to what her husband Fausto narrated about it.

She had known Faust since she was a child. He studied hard to be a doctor (besides that was the traditional profession of his family) and thus cure a disease that she had.

She healed successfully, and lived happily together and they had their own clinic. They were the perfect couple.

But one day a killer shot Eliza in the head...

The return as a ghost

Faust could not tolerate the death of his wife, so he looked for a way to revive it (a goal that goes beyond what medical science could achieve). So after investigating and searching, he reached the laboratory of his ancestor Faust, who had writings on the art of necromancy and information about the tournament of shamans that occurs every 500 years.

Now, Faust uses the bones of his wife and her spirit to have her return by possession of objects, however, this is not considered a resurrection, and the soul of his wife lacks personality and feelings.

During the first round of the shaman tournament, the first confrontation won and killed his opponent.

In the second, he confronts Yoh, defeating him using the corpses of the cemetery where they were. He won the match, but could not kill Yoh due to the intervention of Len Tao.

Giantess form

From the episode 40 of the anime, Faust reads the Magic Log, acquiring the necessary knowledge to turn his wife into a demonic giantess:

  • Her dress is the same: pink nurse.
  • Her hairstyle changes from loose lacy to a pair of "horns".
  • Her breasts increase in size with respect to her body, so much so that Faust can stand on top of them (in fact, all the time she stands on her tits, even her "guests" do too).
  • She acquires demonic wings, similar to the one of the bats.
  • Her left arm has a large syringe, with which he can fire "energy."
  • Her right arm has dissecting forceps on his fingers.
  • Her gaze is cold and devoid of feelings.

This transformation was called Eliza Mephisto:

  • "Eliza" by the name of his wife.
  • "Mephisto" means demon.

Throughout the anime, Eliza Mefisto proved to be very powerful.


In episode 64 of the anime (the last one), Anna revives Eliza as promised (the deal was that Faust should be allied with Yoh). Now Eliza can change clothes (something she could not do as a ghost) and works for Anna and Yoh.


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Episodes 15 and 16

  • Short summary: Faust VIII presents himself and tells his tragic story.

Episode 40

  • Short summary: Faust learns how to transform his wife into a giantess after reading the Magic Log.

Episode 42

  • Short summary: It's the first time she fights with her giantess form, and it's also her first fight against the X Laws.

Episode 44

  • Short summary: There is a fight against a team of Vikings.

Episode 47

  • Short summary: Official fight against the Saudi team.

Episode 49

  • Short summary: Official fight against the Greece team.

Episode 51

  • Short summary: Unofficial fight against Japanese team of exorcists.

Episode 52

  • Short summary: There is an unofficial training struggle, where you learn to fuse giants. There is also an official fight against oceanic team.

Episode 55

  • Short summary: Unofficial fight would be (to death) against the complete team of the X-Laws and the band of Hao.

Episode 59

  • Short summary: She fights against Hao's allies, who do not allow her to approach Yoh.

Episode 61

  • Short summary: Fight against the guardians of the Great Spirits.

Episode 62

  • Short summary: Hao devours Yoh's soul, so everyone decides to attack him. The final battle begins.

Episode 63

  • Short summary: The final battle continues against Hao.

Episode 64

  • Short summary: Eliza is resurrected, or so it seems, since she wears a kimono (ghosts can not change their dress).


  • Although her place of origin is not specified (in anime), the form of the houses where she lived (images of Faust's memories) and her race (white nordid) tell us that she comes from Germany. And in fact, the manga confirms this.
  • The last name of Faust and Eliza is Mephisto referring to Mephistopheles (another name for Satan).
  • Faust refers to Victor Frankenstein of the famous novel "Frankesntein" by Mary W. Shelley. Since both have several similarities as:
    • The resemblance of their wives "Eliza" and "Elizabeth" respectively that they knew since children and will do whatever it was for them.
    • They both discovered how to return life to dead matter.
    • Although Fausto does have the title of doctor, Victor Frankenstein has enough knowledge to be.
  • She only spoke once, when they fought against the Vikings, she said, "Faust, I will always go where you go."
  • In the anime, the O.S. "Mephisto E" is interpreted as "Giant Over Soul".
  • Operieren (one of the transformations of Eliza) is a German word that means "to operate" (medical context).

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