NnT - SE1-EP19 (66)

A panoramic image that at the same time is an animated GIF, this is very laborious to do, but with patience and dedication it can be done. This image comes from Diane/Gallery - SE1-EP17-EP20.

NOTE: This section is very important and is one of the reasons why this wiki is famous (let's say we are known for the "high quality galleries", and we want to preserve that honor).

However, making a gallery of this caliber is OPTIONAL. That means you can make articles without galleries, but that is NOT RECOMMENDED. Read this full article for more information.

The priority of a serial episode article is the textual information, the galleries can be omitted.

The only image that is required (regardless of its quality) is the cover of the episode (to be used in the infobox {{episode}}).

What images should be published?


  • The images where there has been the GTS theme.
  • The cover of the episode (if there is one, although in the great majority of episodes there are), to be used as the main image in the infobox {{episode}}.


  • Some captures of important moments of the episode, regardless of whether they are GTS themed or not.

Any advice to efficiently create a gallery?

You must read the following tutorials:

IMPORTANT!: When a gallery is considered quality?

When you have obtained the images of a video file "perfect", that is to say, that does not have imperfections like:

  • Have subtitles (there are *.mkv files whose subtitles are deactivatable; but the *.mp4 and *.avi do not have that option, that is, the subtitles are indelible).
  • Watermarks (generally from some web page or some YouTube channel).
  • Have logos of some television channel.
  • Very low resolution. This depends on the aspect ratio of the video:
    • Aspect ratio is "4:3" (that of the old TVs): its minimum accepted resolution is 640x480.
    • Aspect ratio is "16:9" (that of the current TVs): Its minimum accepted resolution is 1280x720.
  • Bad image quality (JPEG errors are notorious).

If you have one or more imperfections, try to get the video with the best quality you can (I do not know how you will do it, so everything is under your criteria and cunning).

And if you have not been able to find it "perfect", then, make the gallery taking only important frames. It's not worth doing gifs (if you want, you can do the gifs anyway).

  • For example: the case of Totally Spies! - SE4-EP07, whose video had not been found in "perfect" condition and had to make a gallery without gifs (here), however, some time later the video was found in "perfect" condition and now the gallery has gifs and panoramic images.

More examples:

About animated GIFs

In order to avoid having many images repeated or very similar to each other, it is better to save those scenes as an animated GIF.

To redound again, a couple of tutorials will be shown to create an animated GIF:

Saving scenes containing these tropes in animated GIF format is a sign of appreciation for giantesses and the GTS community.

Trope name Sample image Description Collection of examples (Click to enter!)
Tremors For the GTS community, one of the characteristics (tropes) that they adore of the giantesses is the creation of strong vibrations (tremors) after their footsteps or any other destructive movement. Episode (required quality)/Gallery/Tremors
Destruction As in the case of tremors, for the GTS community, (the trope of) destruction is very much adored. Episode (required quality)/Gallery/Destruction
Growth Growth (continuous increase in size) is a well-loved trope in the GTS community. Episode (required quality)/Gallery/Growth

Why are animated GIFs necessary?

The purpose is:

  1. Save and expose the tropes mentioned above
  2. Save all frames as posible: Imagine that a scene from an animated series (made with drawings, except CGI) is captured by a single frame, this means that the other frames that made up that scene are lost.
    1. Photoshop has the "ability" to automatically extract frames from a GIF, simply open the GIF file with that program and the frames will be exposed as layers. This is known to all novice graphic designers.
  3. Avoid having many images: In the above case, imagine that you want to save all frames in static images. This would not only make the gallery ridiculously extensive, but there would be frames so similar that it seems to be repeated, which can bore (even bother) the reader or visitor of this wiki.
    1. This bad example is taken to the practice in Animated Foot Scene Wiki (a wiki in which we do not agree with its methods, rules and ideology of "excessive freedom" and "quantity over quality").
    2. If we collected all the frames like the wiki mentioned above, articles like Armored Troopers J-Phoenix PF Lips Team - EP3 or Cardcaptor Sakura - EP31 could have between 500 to 1000 images. And that is ridiculously extensive. The maximum that we can tolerate are 400 images (this data may vary according to its context).

      You can see the scenes that you like most, again and again, and take them wherever you want.

  4. Relive a moment or scene again and again, and unlimitedly: You can repeatedly see any scene, as many times as you want, over and over again, with the quality almost identical to the video quality (that's why heavy and high-quality GIFs are required). This saves the tedious job of going back every time a video if you are in the middle of a player like YouTube or VLC. And you can enjoy both smartphones and PC.

Examples of articles with abundant gifs

About the panoramic images

In limited animation, an artistic resource widely used in the movement of the camera along a panorama. Remember that there is a tutorial to make panoramic images.

  • There are times when the panorama is a simple static image, which will be very easy to work with (since it is simply superimposing the frames).
  • Other times it is not a static image (it is worth redoing: an image in movement), in that case you have to be thorough when it comes to see which pieces fit (although there are times when it is not possible).

In this wiki, if you are going to make a quality gallery, you should also create panoramic images.

For example, in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - EP05 you can find the following panoramic images:

What happens if I manage to create high quality galleries?

If so, but you're going to have to add the template at the top of the gallery: {{quality gallery}}.

There are several examples of articles with high quality gallery, you can find them in the following categories:

Can I create galleries without the required quality?

YES, but you're going to have to add the template at the top of the gallery: {{gallery without quality}}.

NOTE: That an article is not of high quality does not mean that it will stay that way forever. Your gallery will be updated when the video has been obtained in "perfect" status or when a volunteer decides to make the gallery. Remember the case of Totally Spies! - SE4-EP07 that we commented earlier.

Some articles that have galleries without quality:

Can I create articles without a gallery?

YES, but you're going to have to add the template at the top of the gallery: {{gallery required}}.

The only thing you are going to ask is that at least publish the cover of the episode, regardless of its quality.

This done, you can perform the gallery at another time, or ask someone to do it (recommended), or wait for someone else to do it (this is not recommended, as it is unlikely to happen).