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British CGI artist and writer. His name deals about the female version of the Scout from Team Fortress 2.

He is not directly a macrophile, but rather a crush fetishist. And every time he made voluntarily (without anyone having asked) images involving giants, he does so including his crush fetishism and Minecraft. This is a rather strange case.

He is admired by other giantess fetishists who like Minecraft, such as MinecraftGTS or SarpZ.

His fetishism of flattening

This is a particular case of crush fetishism. In this case, this user likes to see that the figures are crushed so that, from the vectors that make up the third dimension (the perpendicular directions XYZ), one and only one of these vectors decreases its scale from 100% to a lower one (mostly 10%). In fact, this is expressed in the following tutorials:

On the other hand, he admits that he likes flattening in an unrealistic way, that is, it looks like a flattening of cartoons. This was explained when he answered the comment of a user who considered him as a mentally ill. Let's see the conversation:


He does not like disembowelments, but the cartoonish crushing.

Artistic style

Initially he used ROBLOX (a program mainly used by architects and novice engineers) to create his flattened figures. Later, GMod and Mine-imator were used.

Flattening gallery

NOTE: In some cases there are giant men, this is because he is not interested who the giant is, what matters is what or who is crushed.

Gallery of gigantas