The capacity human imagination is immense, almost infinite, where every now and then someone imagines something, and this can translate into art (illustration, writing, animation, music, etc).

Therefore, there are many characters, many of whom have the characteristic of being small or large (with respect to the "normal"). In the GTS community there are many characters, some official and others are simple OCs.

However, only a few will merit an article of their own and others will simply be redirected to their sources. The criterion for accepting a character will be mentioned at the end of the article, but for the moment let's see how the structure of the article should be.

As a sign of respect for these characters, an article is dedicated to them and why they are relevant within the GTS community.

There is freedom to make an article, but preferable that each article dealing with an artist must follow the following structure (you can omit each part if there is no information about it):

  1. The template "FictionalCharacter" on the article's top (obligatory)
  2. The template "quote" (optional)
  3. Brief introduction.
  4. Biography (Within his/her history)
  5. Characteristics (psychological profile and physical appearance)
  6. About his/her size
  7. Gallery
  8. Trivia (optional)
  9. Source (optional)

The template "FictionalCharacter" on the article's top (obligatory)

  • Write: {{FictionalCharacter}}
  • A table with empty data parameters will be created, which you must fill out.
  • To fill them comfortably, save the article and reopen it directly with the edit button. Click on the box and fill in the data.

The template "quote" (optional)

If the character has an interesting phrase to highlight, or if someone has an interesting phrase about it, then you have to attach it. In Template:Quote explains how:

"Se ha quedado mudo al verme. No quiero presumir, pero la verdad es que soy guapa: ojos grandes y monos, una cara bonita y un cuerpo noble ante el cual los hombres caen rendidos."
―Reena (sobrevalorándose)[[Source]]

For example, Tamaki has an interesting quote in his article.

Brief introduction

A summary of everything that has made him/her relevant.


If the character comes from a story, then tell the story in a narrative way: origin, growth, death, etc.

Characteristics (recommendable)

Physical appearance

It only describes his/her physical appearance. McKenzie is an example, where its author, MasterOfRa, describes her physically.

Psychological profile

Is (s)he friendly or hostile? Stupid or smart? Here he describes everything about his personality, behavior, reaction to certain situations, etc.

About his/her size

What is interesting about its size? In what sense has it benefited or harmed? How do he/she use it? Do he/she use it for good or for evil? What other sizes do he/she have?


Here are 2 cases:

  • If it is a known character: just upload official images.
  • If it is a little known character: it is worth everything related, but it is preferable that the officers of the fan-arts are separated.

NOTE: Below we define what each one is.

Trivia (optional)

Everything that attracts attention, what is interesting and worth highlighting, or what is implicit in his/her data.

Source (optional)

If some information you have taken from other side, you have to give your sources.

Criteria for an fictional character deserves an article

Because there are many characters, not all of them are going to be worthy of an article. A number of criteria will then be given.

Known characters

They are important works and masterpieces (if they did something important), those of mythologies, famous series (if they are relevant), etc. Important users' OCs.

There are also exclusive giantesses: they are those that are intimately related to the great size, that have not been giantesses only during an ephemeral and insignificant episode or if they come from some irrelevant work (this is a wink to the point previously said). These characters are relatively rare.

Let's look at some examples:

  • In Shaman King (anime): Kororo and Morphine aren't exclusive giantesses. However, When they acquire their enormous size, they do it briefly for each episode (less than 3 minutes), nonetheless, if they come together every time they participated in this animé, it can be observed that as giantesses were relevant (the gallery in their respective articles evidences it).

Little known characters

Characters that few people know, those that appeared for a short time in an important work (or at least known), the little known deviantART users' OCs.

The problem is that they abound, so we can not dedicate an article to each character. In any case, instead of dedicating an article, we better dedicate an article to the work where he participated (if his/her participation was worth it).

Let's look at some examples:

  • In Pokémon - EP0022, Sabrina doesn't deserve an article, but the episode where she was para-giantess does deserve an article.
  • Also happens with Dee Dee, In the episodes that she was giantess is dedicated an article (SE1-EP06c and SE1-EP09a), but the character itself does not, because it is not intimately related to the size.
  • Although Ilsa is clearly a mini-giantess, She only lasted one episode in Ultimate Book of Spells - EP22. It is not worth devoting an article to this character, but it is worth devoting an article to her episode.

Discussion Forum

You will have to open a discussion here, explaining in detail your reasons.

Alternative wikis

In case an OC is rejected of this place (perhaps due to the irrelevance of the same personage or by the irrelevant that is her creator), there is the possibility of lodging this personage in Size Difference Fanon Wiki (the restrictions are almost null):

And for official characters who did not have their article in this wiki:

Models of articles about artists

Not all articles about artists follow exactly this pattern, but at least to make articles that have enough information, such as the following:

NOTE: If you need help editing an article or how to decorate it, get the codes from the test article.