British amateur illustrator.

Although the quality of his drawings is not the best, what gave fame to this user was the enormous amount of drawings, its highly fetishistic content with the inclusion of well-known characters of the moment (the series or video game that is fashionable) snd his active sociability.

Several of his drawings are gifts for his friends, others are art-trade.

Artistic style

  • Imperfect in all respects (anatomy, perspective, proportions, outlined).
  • His coloring is too simple, and it lacks shadows and shading.


First stage

In 2009, when he was just uploading his giantess fetishistic drawings, his outlines were crude, basic coloring, very low resolution and in JPG format:

Second stage

For these last years, his outline has been refined, the resolution has increased and the format used is PNG. However, his changes are not very noticeable:

Relationship with Arias87

There are users who believe that Arias87 was inspired by Final7Darkness, so they believe that the latter was their teacher. According to the same Arias87, this is not true, and the only relationship between them is friendship, neither more nor less.