The technique that uses perspective to make objects look huge is called "forced perspective". It is little used in the GTS community because of its inefficiencies.

Perspectiva forzada (1)

Here is a forced perspective used involuntarily by its illustrator. The pony looks like a giantess stepping into a forest, but she's actually levitating. She is her position with respect to the observer which gives her the illusion of being enormous. If she were huge, the pines of the forest would be superimposed on the hooves.

It is an artistic resource that uses the position of objects to make them appear to have different sizes than normal.

Usually, it is used to give the sensation of the existence of giant humans or miniatures.


The inefficiencies of this artistic resource are that objects are always superimposed over others (thus removing the sense of interaction between objects) and that in order to produce an image one has to be in the proper place with the right objects.



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