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Galaxy Angel (ギャラクシーエンジェル) is a bishōjo franchise of science fiction and comedy created by Broccoli (the creators of Di Gi Charat). The original script is by Broccoli, and the character designs are by Kanan.

Galaxy Angel shows us the story of young girls, members of an organization that solves certain problems, but that is in principle dedicated to the search of artifacts known as the "Lost Technology".

Summary (with spoilers)

GAZ - EP04 (27)

Chestnuts are open, who has eaten them?

GAZ - EP04 (46)

One of the solutions presented was to dress Milfeulle Sakuraba as a monster to make them believe their superiors did a good job.

GAZ - EP04 (29)

Milfeulle Sakuraba is sad because she can not return to her original size.

GAZ - EP04 (35)

Milfeulle Sakuraba thanks Forte Stollen because she is going to find a solution. This scene, although members of the GTS community would seem cute, really is cruel because it is in this scene where Forte Stollen is broken neck.

GAZ - EP04 (62)

Milfeulle Sakuraba despairs, wanting to destroy everything in its path.

Milfeulle Sakuraba, the main character in the series, is preparing a cake for when her friends return, but she lacks an ingredient, so she goes to the lobby and finds a bag with sweet chestnuts. She takes the chestnuts without permission and uses them to prepare the cake.

After some time, her friends return to the ship, while talking about a lost technology that has been disguised as sweet chestnuts.

Upon entering the hall, they find that Milfeulle Sakuraba had grown in size, which the others discovered that this sudden growth was due to sweet chestnuts.

They will have to find the solution to the problems, because if their superiors find out, their reputation will be ruined. Meanwhile, Vanilla H withdraws from that room to prevent anyone from entering.

  • Ranpha Franboise proposes to dress her as a monster, to make them believe her superiors did a good job. This plan was carried out.
  • Mint Blancmanche proposes to remove her from the ship, but it is useless because the giantess Milfeulle Sakuraba can not pass through any door.
  • Forte Stollen believes that Milfeulle Sakuraba can control her size, so she asks her to decrease for a few moments, but it is impossible.
  • Milfeulle Sakuraba loses her patience and wants to destroy the roof because she can not stand it anymore.

Her friends, to reassure Milfeulle Sakuraba, seek arguments to convince her that being big has its advantages, which were:

GAZ - EP04 (80)

The giant arm of Milfeulle Sakuraba looking for the cake she prepared for her friends.

  • "You will be the only one in the whole galaxy with great body" (Equivocation fallacy: try to confuse the word "great" from magnificent with "great" from larger space).
  • "If you're big, you can reach quickly to the second floor" (error of reasoning: to reach the second floor must first be inside the building, but she can not be inside a building by her size).
  • "That immensity is the best of the universe" (Equivocation fallacy: try to confuse the word "immensity" as synonymous with magnificent (the best) with "immensity" of larger spatial size).
  • "You will not gain weight even if you eat a lot of cake" (here is a misleading comparison, since in this case, what for normal people is too much to eat a whole cake, for a giantess as Milfeulle Sakuraba that is nothing more than a simple treat) .

Milfeulle Sakuraba (as is the stereotypical "pretty stupid") was deceived by this last reasoning. Then she offered them the cake she had prepared:

GAZ - EP04 (93)

The giantesses ask Vanilla H to tell the truth once and for all.

GAZ - EP04 (110)

If you can notice: the chestnuts were introduced inside a sprayer.

The cake was prepared with the same chestnuts that made them grow. They ask Vanilla H to come in, only to see that the rest of her friends had become giantesses. These giantesses admit defeat and ask Vanilla H to tell the truth to the lieutenant.

The lieutenant does not know what to do and the giantesses despair, so they want to destroy the roof. Before carrying out his plan of destruction, Mint Blancmanche proposes a final solution: If the effect of chestnuts increases the size of everything he touches, this explains why the clothes also grew.

Then they decided that it would be best to increase the size of the entire ship. Thus, the ship grew to the size of a planet and all (with the exception of Nomad and chestnuts) its crew.

Extra: EP03


  • That the episode deals with an innocent girl who increases in size after eating a mysterious candy could be a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • The mode of operation of sweet chestnuts is contradictory: if it is supposed to increase in size everything that touches, should not by itself increase in size in air and the ship from the beginning?