Ralts Pokemon RS by pokesafari.png

Ralts: First link in the evolutionary chain of Gardevoir.


Kirlia: Link that follows Ralts, from here there are 2 evolutionary options: Gardevoir or Gallade


Gallade: Evolutionary alternative to Gardevoir. Note his "manly" aspect.


Mega-Gallade: Mega-evolution of Gallade.


Mega-Gardevoir: Mega-evolution of Gardevoir.

Gardevoir is a psychic/fairy type pokémon (the fairy type was added in from the 6th generation) introduced in the third generation. It is one of two possible evolutions of Kirlia and the evolutionary counterpart of Gallade. Before the sixth generation was pure psychic type, in addition it can also megaevolve in Mega-Gardevoir.


The name of Gardevoir comes from the combination of the French words garde (guard, defense), devoir (duty) and voir (see).

Its name in Japanese, Sirnight, comes from the words Sir and Knight, due to its protective behavior.

Physical appearance

  • It has a human appearance.
  • The same Pokémon fans characterize it for its beauty, elegance and power during combat.
  • Its body is long and has long and thin white legs that are covered by a dress also white but green inside.
  • It has a large head covered by a kind of green hairstyle, a pale white face and large red eyes.
  • Its arms are thin, green and with no distinctive features. In addition, it has a curious red consequences on its front torso and its back that have the shape of a Valentine's card.

Why is it so popular?

In the previous point its physical appearance is described. This is why it is popular among fetishists who have pokephilia. And that includes those who are in the giantess fetishism.


  • Trivia: Note that in this sampling Gardevoir is drawn more humanly (human feet, round and large breasts, among others).


  • Although Gardevoir looks feminine, the probability of being male or female is in both cases 50%. That is, between 2 Gardevoirs there may be procreation.
  • From what has been said before, Gallade will never be female (0% probability). Therefore, if Gallade wants to procreate, it will have to look for a female Gardevoir, or with the help of Ditto, which can breed with any species that has an egg group, including males.
  • This is the Pokémon that most fanarts with humanly sexual situations has had so far on the Internet.
  • Although it has human appearance, Gardevoir is not of the group Humanoid egg, but corresponds to the group amorphous egg, with Pokemon without a specific form, something strange.