Garfield and Friends is an American animated television series, produced by DPS Film Roman, is based on the popular comic Garfield, created by Jim Davis. The series was broadcast on CBS television on Saturday mornings from September 17, 1988 through December 10, 1994 in the United States.

Each episode consists of two segments of Garfield, two Quickies, short comic strips, sometimes the Quickies are Screaming with Binky and an Orson's Farm.

Summary of the episode (with spoilers)

Garfield (3)

That fanaticism does not differ from the reality of certain people.

At the beginning of the episode, they show that Jon became a fan of The horror hostess movie called Vivacia. During a TV commercial, Vivavcia is calling for "actors" to play the role of baseball players. Jon takes it for granted that he will not be able to be part of those chosen actors, so he does not do anything about it.

Garfield (2)

Odie pretending to be a lost pet.

Some time later, Garfield and Odie eat stolen pizza on the street. When they realize, a building leaves the same Vivacia, then Garfield comes up with a plan: to make Odie pass for a lost pet and present it to Vivacia, so that she takes the dog to her owner's house. The plan works.

Garfield (4)

An unexpected visit.

Garfield (5)

During dinner.

To Jon's house comes Vivacia, who was not expecting her, and receives her with inappropriate clothing. Jon invites her to come in. Even so, Vivacia unexpectedly agrees to accept Jon as one more player, a "chosen one". So Jon is summoned to dinner with her.

During dinner, Jon begins to suspect (considering that they offer him for dessert "bat wing"), but it keeps the calm and the confidence. By the time Jon is distracted, Vivacia shrugs him and gives him a baseball player outfit.

Garfield (6)

Vivacia about to shrink Jon.

Jon tries to flee, but is finally he is caught and placed in a miniature baseball stadium, where there are also other shrunken players.

Garfield (26)

Garfield and Odie decide to look for Jon at Vivacia's house. At this point, Garfield imitates a familiar character.

While television is mentioned about missing men, Garfield and Odie worry about Jon, so they go to Vivacia's house for it.

Before entering, there is a green spit-fire monster that intimidates them, but finally Garfield manages to become friends with him extinguishing his fiery breath. The monster gratefully tells them where Jon is.

Garfield (27)

The show.

Garfield (29)

Shrunken players must face rats.

Through the window you can see that Jon has been shrunk to play baseball and entertain other monsters, since Vivacia started a party of "stars of terror" (Dracula, a ghost, Igor, an alien, among others).

To return it to his original size, Garfield must steal the magic stick of Vivacia, and he succeeds by pretending to be a snack seller.

Garfield (32)

Players are returned to their original size.

Garfield (33)

Jon wakes up thinking it was all a dream, but when he realizes he still wears the baseball uniform ...

The players are returned to their original size and the other monsters chase Garfield for spoiling the show. Garfield manages to defeat them all by becoming docile and cowardly mimes. Finally Garfield rescues Jon.

Jon wakes up thinking it was all a dream, but when he realizes that he is still wearing the baseball player's uniform, he faints.



  • It was the penultimate episode of this series.
  • It was one of the rare cases in which the episode was divided into 2 parts, because within episode 120, both sections dealing with Garfield formed a single episode (remember that in the middle of the series was broadcast "The Farm of Orson") .
  • It is not the first or only episode that deals with the issue of size difference, but the only one dealing with a shrunken man (SM) interacting with a normal woman (which, by definition, also falls under the definition of para-giantess).