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The image shows that the advertiser knew the word "giantess" because he is linguistically cultured. It does not necessarily mean that the advertiser is a member of the GTS community.

La-petite-geante bandeau 994

The french word "géante" is directly homologous with the word "giganta" (spanish) and "giantess" (english). The title of this cartoon is La Petit Géante which translates directly as The Little Giantess (she is a mini-giantess); however, its English version was erroneously translated as The Little Giant instead of The Little Giantess. The fact that the word "géante" (word not well-known and used in the French language) has been used can mean that the authors are linguistically educated or probably one of them is member of the GTS community.

Giantess (in Spanish language: giganta) is the most important word on GTS community. It simply means "giant woman".

Out of the GTS community

This word is almost never used, instead, the word "giant" is used. See:

  • They say "the giant" instead of "the giantess".
  • They say "the giant woman" instead of "the giantess".
    • They say "the giant (female sustantive)" instead of "the giantess (female sustantive)".

On the other hand, there are people who use the word giantess despite not belonging to the GTS community. These people are cultured linguists, usually are those who studied something related to letters (Law, Literature, History, Philosophy, Social Communication, etc.).

In the GTS community

Virtually everyone in the GTS community on Internet uses this word.

When a member of this community hears or reads this word, automatically he/she will feel that there is another member of his/her community (it is as if giantess or giganta was a keyword).

Additional information

  • Similarly it happens with the word titan: its respective feminine gender is titaness (in Spanish language: titánide).

The word "giantess" (giant woman) in other languages

  • Portuguese: giganta.
  • Italian: gigantessa.
  • French: géante.
  • German: riesin.
  • Japanese: 巨大娘.


According their absolute size

WARNING!: The limits of the intervals shown below do not have to be taken literally. For example:

The list below shows the intervals that are most used by the GTS fandom to classify gigantas:

Sample image Name Size in meters (priority) Size in feet (approach) Description

Speculative comparison on the size of Trijntje Keever.

Amazon 1,8 to 3 6 to 10 It goes from "tall" women to things that are biologically possible. Whereas Trijntje Keever (2.55 meters) and Zeng Jinlian (2.5 meters) were the tallest women in history.
Flint - EP21

Flint the Time Detective - EP21: Trying to recover the time-shifters "Muscles", Sarah Goodman is enlarged, supposedly to increase her strength.

Mini-giantess 3 to 9 10 to 30 They overcome (violate) the laws of physics (such as quadratic-cubic law) and biology, so these gigantas fit more into fantasy.

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958)'s cover.

Classic giantess 9 to 20 30 to 66 The term "classic" is due to cult films of yesteryear like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958), that popularized the 50 feet as if it were the optimal size for a giantess.
UG 05 (39)

The size of Ohtori Vivienne is 33.6 meters (officially).

Standard giantess 20 to 40 66 to 130 The term "standard" is because it is the most used (and wanted) size by most artists inside the GTS community. This size, according to many, is the most optimal for interaction with normal-sized humans.

Tamaki's work. 75 meters approximately.

Ultra-giantess 40 to 120 130 to 400 The prefix "ultra" is due to the name of giant superhero Ultraman, whose size ranges from 40 to 50 meters. It is also the most popular size of the tokusatsus, whose monsters and mechas barely exceed 100 meters.
269634756168122368 35s o

Tamaki's. 200 meters approximately.

Super-giantess 120 to 103 400 to 3,28·103 This is a size that exceeds the size accepted by the tokusatsus. Walking between cities is complicated and it is extremely difficult to interact with normal-sized humans.
Recline o rem by alloyrabbit-d4buc35

AlloyRabbit's illustration.

Mega-giantess 103 to 104 3,28·103 to 3,28·104 The size is so large that they can step on a building with their foot. Impossible is to interact with normal-sized humans.
Bikini girls by piercee-d9te3gz

CGI art by piercee.

Giga-giantess 104 to 105 3,28·104 to 3,28·105 Women are so large that they can destroy an entire city only by using their body. They begin to be difficult to see from space.
Angelgts (44)

Illustration by Angelgts.

Tera-giantess 105 to 106 3,28·105 to 3,28·106 They can cover whole cities with their body, in fact, they could bed down down on Mexico and cover much of this country. Due to the almost inevitable cliché of invulnerability, gigas reach the thermosphere (an area where it is impossible to breathe) and lives are maintained. This size allows them to walk across continents.
Axel-VD (25)

Illustration by Axel-DK64.

Peta-giantess 106 to 107 3,28·106 to 3,28·107 The heights of these women are in the ionosphere. Planet Earth is, for them, as big as King Kai's planet.
Stargazer by sanone

Illustration by Sanone.

Exa-giantess 107 to 108 3,28·107 to 3,28·108 The heights of these women are so high that they can "embrace" the planet Earth with her whole body.
Evil goddess seishi by neolifeless-d8wfsec

Illustration by neolifeless.

Zetta-giantess 108 to 109 3,28·108 to 3,28·109 Earth and similar planets (like Venus) would become like a marble for these women.
Baniandose en el sol by neolifeless-d8wyne1

Illustration by neolifeless.

Yotta-giantess 109 to 1010 3,28·109 to 3,28·1010 Earth is insignificant for them. The Sun is, for them, as big as King Kai's planet.
El regreso de la diosa jenny by neolifeless-d8zkqmt

Illustration by neolifeless.

Stellar giantess 1010 to 1014 3,28·1010 to 3,28·1014 They are larger than Sun and may be much larger than UY Scuti (the largest star detected so far). The adjective "stellar" is because their size is similar to the one of the stars.
Diosas de la creacion giantess seishi y madame by neolifeless-d88s5de

Illustration by neolifeless.

Galactic giantess 1014 to 1024 3,28·1014 to 3,28·1024 Their size ranges from being much smaller than the size of M60-UCD1 (the smallest galaxy known so far) to exceed that of IC 1101 (the largest galaxy known so far).
Zettagiantess luan kissing a nebulosa by korenopanzer-dbd6tuo

Luan Loud is so big she can kiss a nebula. Illustration by Koreno Panzer.

Cosmic giantess 1024 to ∞ 3,28·1024 to ∞ This size is the most exaggerated defined so far. It may be larger than the universe or multiverses.

According to their context (special classification)

Name Description Sample image
Absolute giantess It is a woman who is larger than what is "normal size" in the respective universe.
DexBS (29)

En Dexter's Laboratory - SE1-EP06c, Dee Dee increases in size impressively with respect to the surrounding universe. Therefore, Dee Dee is an absolute giantess.

Artificial giantess

It is a woman whose size is larger than normal (absolute giantess) because there has necessarily been intervention of some entity (external to said woman) that has given it such an abnormal size.

In other words, that the same laws of nature (of their respective fictional world) have not given that woman her great size, but rather it was someone or something (external to said woman) that did it.

That external entity can be: sorcerer, scientist, god, demon, extraterrestrial, radioactive substance, magic potion, magic spell or anything that is fantastic (that is, that is related to fantasy).

SCC - EP31 (276)

Sakura Kinomoto in Cardcaptor Sakura - EP31 and Cardcaptor Sakura - EP55 can increase in size herself thanks to the magic cards.

Imperfect giantess It is a woman whose body (totally) has increased in size (relative to the universe around her), but not all parts of her body have grown in the same proportion.
Hyooge guardian by sanone-d6lpq1f

Illustration by Sanone. Assuming that in her normal size she did not have that big boobs or butt.

Meta-giantess Giantess of giants.
2 vs 1 demolition competition by masterofra-d8oi44v

Maddie (the girl in all-blue dress) is the meta-giantess in this case, since she interacts with other giant beings: Chibiusa (the girl with pink hair) and McKenzie (the girl in black and white plaid skirt). Illustration by MasterOfRa.

Natural giantess

It is a woman whose size is larger than normal (absolute giantess) without necessarily having been the intervention of some entity (external to said woman) that has given it such an abnormal size.

In other words, that the same laws of nature (of their respective world of fiction) have given that woman her great size.

KKlang 09 (35)

Klan Klang is a large humanoid extraterrestrial. In order to interact more efficiently with humans, she must shrink herself with a machine.

Para-giantess It occurs when a woman (obligatorily of normal size) interacts with beings extraordinarily smaller than her.
Yu Yu Hakusho - EP013

On Yu Yu Hakusho - EP013, Rando ends shrunk and Botan interacta with him, Making her take the role of para-giantess.

Perfect giantess It is considered as a perfect giantess to every female whose body (totally) has increased in size (relative to the universe around her), so that all parts of her body have grown in exactly the same proportion.

The photomontages also have the advantage of preserving the original appearance. Work by Tamaki.

Pseudo-giantess It is about a being that although it seems to be a absolute giantess, it really is not.

Because of the angle at which this woman is drawn, she appears to be a giantess whose height reaches the ceiling. However, this is only an illusion caused by the point of view.

Relative giantess A relative giantess is a woman who is relatively larger than another being.
Jojo luffi by diego toon master

Because here the artist has not drawn a stage, we do not know if the woman in the picture is an absolute giantess, para-giantess or whatever. However, what we can affirm is that she is a relative giantess. Illustration by diego-toon-master.

Semi-giantess It is about a woman who has grown in size (relative to the universe around her), but not all parts of her body have grown (i.e.: at least a part of her body retains its normal size).
Musculatura (4)

Assuming that her body was an ordinary one, the increase in musculature made her a semi-giantess (assuming her head did not change in size).