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This article contains some content involving a mature subject or situation and may not be suitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.

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"Giantess" is the most important word on GTS community.

Throughout the Internet, fans of some subject have developed a certain jargon, which is used by almost all Western languages. The majority of words are of English origin, although there are also of Japanese origin and very few come from the Spanish.

Giantess fans (that is: the GTS community) throughout their history have developed jargon that is usually used on the Internet. Then, in alphabetical order, a list of words that they use in their daily cyber-communication will be given:


  • Brony: Fan of My Little Pony (especially from the fourth generation: "Friendship is Magic")


  • Chibi: It is a manga style resource that consists of reducing the size of a character and altering its proportions so that it looks like a baby.
  • Couple: Within the context of the GTS community using this word alone (without extra information) means a relationship (friendly or sexual) between a giant and a giantess, which brings some confusion (read the related article for more information).
  • Crop: Eschatological fetish.


  • Fem-dom: Female domination.
  • Furry: Anthropomorphic animal.


  • Giant: Huge being, usually male.
  • Gore: Blood, gutting.
  • GT: Abbreviation of the English word "giant" (giant, as masculine adjective). It is used very little. This can be confused with "Gran Turismo".
  • GTS: Abbreviation of the English word "giantess" (Giant female, as adjective). It is used very often.



  • Loli: Girl between 6 and 12 years represented in manga/anime style
  • Lolicon: Artistic resource that involves lolis.


  • Macrophilia: taste for people (usually the opposite sex) of large size.
  • Marepoto: comes from Spanish words maremoto (tidal wave) and poto (which means "ass" in the Chilean jargon). When a giantess falls from her ass in the sea and a great wave is generated, a marepoto has been generated. This joke is common among Chileans, although other Hispanics also often use it.
  • Mecha: giant robot (for science fiction).
  • Microphilia: taste for people (usually the opposite sex) of smaller size.
  • Mini-giantess: Woman that does not surpass the 4 meters of height.
  • Miniature: Someone or something that in itself has a tiny size (its original size is so small). Do not confuse with shrunken, those are not synonymous.
  • MMD: Acronym for "Miku Miku Dance, software used to simulate macrophilic or microphilic situations with manga/anime style.


  • OC: Acronym for "original character". Each person or group of people can invent their own OC (provided they properly define their characteristics). It is used exclusively in deviantART (and other art websites), but some users (mostly westerners) use this word outside those sites. In this wiki we consider this word.


  • POV: Acronym for "point of view". When you see a person from under his/her chin, it feels like a giant, so it is named point of view.


  • Role playing: Conversation between 2 people who simulate a macrophilic or microphilic situation (all within their imagination).


  • Shrunken: Someone or something that has been reduced from its original size. Do not confuse with miniature, they are not synonymous.
  • SM: Acronym for Shrunken man.
  • Snu Snu: Perform the sexual act with a mini-giantess. In Spain they also know him as Kiki. This meme comes from Futurama.
  • SW: Acronym for Shrunken woman.


  • Terrepoto: comes from Spanish words terremoto (earthquake) and poto (which means "ass" in the Chilean jargon). When a giantess falls from her ass on solid ground and an earthquake is generated, a terrepoto has been generated. This joke is common among Chileans, although other Hispanics also often use it.


  • Unaware: When a woman does not notice the presence of relatively small people.



  • Yiff: Explicit furry eroticism.