When he participates in the projects of Monogatari, he usually includes indirectly the thematic GTS.

Japanese professional illustrator.

He participated in some important animés (which took the opportunity to include in his work the GTS theme), in addition that is the exclusive author of Q·Ko-chan: The Earth Invader Girl.

Globally, he is best known for being the creator of the manga version of FLCL.

Artistic style

  • Usually, his traces are simple.
  • The hands and feet draw them in a way that is larger than normal (contradicting the proportions of the chibi).
  • At present, the eyes are drawn like diamonds elongated horizontally.
  • In addition, human bodies draw very thin (as if stretched).

Participation in the "Monogatari" series

Usually, whenever you try to include GTS thematic you do it using forced perspective:

Participation in I Can Friday By Day!

ICFBD f (8)

Mecha loli?.

The Japan Animator Expo is a convention where several Japanese entertainers will exhibit their works for artistic (non-profit) reasons.

In its anniversary # 19, Hajime Ueda participated like scriptwriter of the project of the "ceremonial" video called I Can Friday By Day!, which had a mixture of thematic GTS, mecha, lolis, furries and military (war).

FLCL: His masterpiece

Q·Ko (Personaje) (24)

In the unofficial Spanish translation of the manga Q·Ko-chan: The Earth Invader Girl, it is mentioned that Hajime Ueda is the creator of FLCL, which is true, but the adaptation to manga. This is a case of the fallacy of emphasis.

The first thing to clarify is the following: Hajime Ueda did not create FLCL.

FLCL was an anime created by Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masahiko Otsuka, Shōji Saeki, and, Takeshi Ando.

Subsequently, a manga adaptation of that anime, which was created by Hajime Ueda.

In other words, what Hajime Ueda did was convert a work already written in a manga version, for that reason it is considered "manga adaptation".

In addition, if Hajime Ueda had been the creator of FLCL, then there would have been (more likely) GTS-themed scenes.

Q·Ko-chan: The Earth Invader Girl (his GTS work)

Q·Ko (Personaje) (1)

Manga book cover.

His taste for mechas and lolis led to this mangaka to perform this work.

This manga tells the story of a fictional town of Japan that is besieged by alien threats.

One day, an unidentified flying object comes to town after facing a human military ship, it turned out to be an anthropomorphic being doll-like (loli).

Then, this doll reduces its size to that of a 13-year-old girl and stays at the home of Kirio Muji (the protagonist), which she asks Kirio to be her pilot.

Now Kirio and Q·Ko must make equipment to face the alien threat.