In the GTS community, this word indicates that a relative giantess has a being relatively smaller than she is held in her hand.

Occasionally, this fetishism/fanaticism can also be applied to the interaction of inert objects (cars, trains, large objects), and has many uses in GTS art.

Uses in the GTS community

The handheld is a popular element (trope), it should be noted that several who like this theme may like the handheld without the need to be hand fetishism, given that it is associated with the interaction of giantesses with the environment.

Among the uses, there is the presence of handheld in drawings of evil giantesses, where for example, they use their hands to crush, destroy, or hold large things like cars, trains, among others, and with relatively small people, they can use hands to crush little by little the relatively small people in their power, torture them, or play abruptly.

In contrast, the handheld within the "gentle" (friendly) area of the GTS art, present a more careful and loving type of interaction on the part of the giantesses, which highlight the cloying and tenderness they have for relatively small men.

The most common of these artistic works that include handheld, is to see giantesses holding people with care and affection (sometimes protecting them), where they play with them using their hands (for example, with tickling), or drawings where men are caressed by women who love them, using their hands and fingers.


See also

  • Footheld (similar, but with the foot instead of the hand).