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Chilean amateur illustrator, fanatic of anime and furry.

He is close friends with MasterOfRa and VegazMazza.

Artistic style

  • Tools: He makes his traditional drawings using a pencil and a tracer for re-drawings. In digital art, he uses a tablet to draw, using the program Paint Tool Sai.
  • Anime style: He uses a basic anime style inspired by Gofu Web, but also uses styles often paired with furry works.
    • Details: His works are pleasingly detailed, sometimes even adding very hidden Easter eggs to his illustrations.
    • Perspective: Very excellent and faithful to the position of the angle of the point of view.
    • Anatomy: In bodies, he has minor faults, but they do not distort the whole picture.
      • Faces: Sometimes they are disproportionate, although this is rarely the case.


  • Very sociable: He is very sociable, even with Japanese artists, becoming the only Spanish-speaking artist that keeps a steady communication with their scene. He is also a very kind person to everyone.
  • Flexible mentality: hH accepts criticism unrelated to his drawings, although he sometimes finds it difficult to take it into account.
  • Generous: Gives drawings constantly (regardless of request), but only to Japanese artists.



Your cute and sexy cat girl type who is a little carefree. His main OC: A "neko-girl" of 82 meters of height, which is the protagonist of his manga First contact.


An adorable, innocent and clumsy dog girl who likes scaled and tiny buildings. Co-protagonist of manga First Contact. A girl with ears and dog behavior.


Tsundere, temperamental, serious but sometimes kind, with the right person and one who manages to gain his affection, and hates to be called "dwarf."


A nerd mouse girl, cute, geek and gorgeous, who likes to hang out with Anya and the other mouse girls.


Carefree, genki and bust mouse. The typical happy-go-round girl with no worries. Anya's friend and the other mouse girls. She likes to make fun of others.


Serious girl who wants the job done. She is friends with Anya and the other mouse girls.

Hanna Wigner

Created from a joke on what Hank's sex change would look like, she ended up getting his own personality. She is a girl dog artist who likes to draw illustrations related to sizes and include herself in such works. She depicts herself as a giantess since it is a bit short compared to other people.


A little bunny who loves to play tricks on people and is the nightmare of farmers still a cutiepie for the rest of the people. She is a nice and charming girl however, when she wants something, nothing and no one can stop her.

She is inspired by Amelie Planchard from Strike Witches.


This character does not belong to me totally, since his design was created by the Chinese artist Nefarian, but since I liked it, I decided to treat him like an adopted OC, which means that, every time I draw him, I give credits to Nefarian.

His background story sums up in her invocation to a portal to escape the hunters of the world of Azeroth and ended up teleporting to our kingdom like a loli dragon girl, when it crossed the portal, still had a human appearance due to using a disguise spell.

She is a voracious and very dangerous girl, still new to our kingdom and she is very curious about all the different things we have here, such as transport and tall structures. Their continuous struggles with adventurers and warriors of Azeroth ended with them being devoured by her with all their armor, which is the reason why it is more than it used to eat metal, hence you will see to eat cars without difficulty. Be careful with this girl, very dangerous and voracious.



Hank started offering contributions to the community that year. Back then, his drawings seemed very simple with respect to his recent works. He drew character eyes as if they seemed to have no pupils. Anatomy and perspective drastically failed on several occasions (especially in his comic "The First Contact").


His style improved a lot that year. Details became more defined as the errors became less frequent. He already had very well defined his style.


His style got better in terms of details and perspective.


During that year, he dabbled often in the digital area. His style improved a little more.


At the beginning of the year, the quality of his digital art was the same as the one he showed in 2013 but by the end of that year, it showerd a great degree of improvement.

2015 - Present

His art in present times has shown great quality in different aspects. The faults are almost nil, the details very numerous and distinctive, and in digital art, both the color palette and the outline have had an enormous improvement.