In the galleries of this wiki, there are not only static images, there are also animated gifs.

Develop a gif may sound laborious, but it's more fun than it sounds. In fact, it can even be automated.

Step 1: Have the frames ready

Already 2 tutorials have been written on how to get the images:

The last tutorial mentioned is the most recommended, as it gives you the frames with more precision. Remember that when you extract frames from an anime, there are often repeated frames, the repeated ones eliminate them and you only have the "originals" (the "not equal" ones).

We have the following frames:

Step 2: Create the gif

  • Go to and upload that images.
  • Do not modify the "Image Size" parameter.
  • The value of "Repeat times" should always be at "0".
  • In the "Animation Speed" parameter, by default it has the value of 500, but that value will not be used. In addition, the "Update all frames" box must be enabled if you want all the frames to have the same playback speed.
    • The most common values in this parameter are 40, 80 and 125. If you want to know which ones you agree, you can do it simply by trial and error, observe the results:

The one that used the value 80 will be selected to be published in the wiki. Download it, but it is not yet time to publish it on the wiki.

Step 3: Reduce file weight

Wikia does not tolerate images that weigh more than 10 megabytes, so sometimes your gifs could outweigh that weight.

Method 1: Using Photshop'

NOTE: If you do not have Adobe Photoshop, go directly to "Method 2".

  • To optimize the weight of the gif, you must use Adobe Photoshop CS6 (or a higher version).
  • Open your heavy gif with that program.
  • If you think your gif is fine as it is, just go to the top left of the interface and look for "File", then choose "Save for Web ...".
  • You will get the following window:
GIF tutorial 01
  • In this window you can see the following parameters:
    • Various parameters that will give the final weight to the gif. The configuration that is present in the image is recommended.
      • The parameter that is recommended to modify in case the gif is very heavy is the "Image size", altering its percentage to a less than 100% and with "Bicubic" quality.
    • The final weight of the gif, depending on the parameters you have set, are expressed in the lower left part (as shown in the image).

Try that the gif does not exceed 10 megabytes and with that will be able to be published on Wikia.

Method 2: Using (it requires high-speed Internet)

  1. Go to:
  2. Upload your GIF.
  3. Select the optimization method called "Lossy GIF". For no reason, choose the other methods, as they are highly inefficient.
  4. Select a number, so that it is enough for the file to be very close to 9.9 Megabytes, but not exceed it by a single byte. That is, to have a GIF with the highest possible quality and that can be added to the wiki.

This method is easier to do than with Photoshop because it depends on a simple parameter called "compression level" (which ranges from 5 to 200). However, this also has its disadvantages:

  1. The GIFs that you want to upload to optimize should not exceed 30 Megabytes.
  2. Requires Internet (and above all: with high speed).
  3. Quality is lost (although this is obvious, and also happens with Photoshop).

Next, a comparison of animated GIFs that have been subjected to the "Lossy GIF" method with the maximum compression level (200) will be shown:

GIF without optimization GIF optimized by
Pokémon - EP22 (24)

Weight: 2,01 MB


Weight: 1,08 MB

GAZ - EP04 (35)

Weight: 5,14 MB


Weight: 1,66 MB

Combine gifs

Suppose you created 2 gifs, and now you want to join them:

  • Again, go to And upload each gif in its chronological order.
    • That is: first upload "Sabrina (d).gif" and wait for all its frames to be exposed, then upload "Sabrina (e).gif" and wait for the upload to end.

Once you have combined these gifs, you will have an animation that explicitly expresses a GTS scene:

Pokémon - EP22 (24)

Use your creativity: do not limit yourself to automation

From Galaxy Angel Z - EP04, we have the following images (obtained after the process of extraction of images and after the elimination of "repeated" frames):

When using these images directly, you get the following gif:

Milfeulle (a)

This gif is bland, as it shows the giantess Milfeulle Sakuraba embracing Forte Stollen, but there is an abrupt restart. To "smooth" this, we can reuse some frames.

  • Being in with the already uploaded frames, the first 5 frames will be duplicated. To duplicate a frame, click the top of each frame that has a frame:
GIF tutorial 02
  • The frames will be sorted as follows, since the frames (once duplicated) can be dragged to reposition them:
5 (duplicated)
4 (duplicated)
3 (duplicated)
2 (duplicated)
1 (duplicated)
  • It would be like this in practice:
GIF tutorial 03
  • Note that the "final" frame (the one with a red outline) has the value of 500, while the rest has 125, as this is to last longer (this is more for aesthetic reasons).
  • Finally, this will be the gif obtained:
Milfeulle (b)
  • Note that it does not have that "abrupt" restart, but it is now "softened" and its "cyclic animation" is quite artistic.

Extract the images from a gif

  • Go to
  • Upload your gif and wait.
  • The extracted images will be in the format "*.gif" and saved in a zip file, ready to be downloaded.

Gallery: the best GIFs of this wiki