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For now, one of the best multimedia player programs is VLC, which can read almost all audio and video files.

It is free and can be officially downloaded from its website:

This program will allow you to obtain captures of the videos, so that they can be published in the galleries of their respective articles (usually for episodes of series).

Installation is easy for the average user, so let's get on screenshots.

NOTE: If your objective is to obtain a greater precision to obtain frames (screenshots), I recommend you read the tutorial to get screenshots from FFmpeg.

Get screenshots

Open the video file with this program (right click, search "Open with" and choose the program), you can also open it by opening the program and dragging the file to it. Read from left to right:

However, even this part of the tutorial is not enough, since there are some problems that you will have to face, and therefore, you must know how to solve them.

Correct aspect ratio

Relación de aspecto

Aspect Ratio for TVs from the last generation (left) and current generation (right).

To summarize what Wikipedia says, the aspect ratio simply means the geometric relationship between the length of the width with respect to height.

For example, the screens we use today have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

It could happen that you download a video where the aspect ratio is incongruous with the original image.

For example, it happened to me that when I got Ultimate Book of Spells - EP22, its aspect ratio was 16:9, which is incompatible with a series that was created in an age (generation) previous to the televisions with that aspect ratio, that is, it was created to be played on 4:3 aspect ratio televisions.

To correct this, follow these steps:

Join parts of a panoramic image.

DexBS (29)


Here VLC will not be able to help you, it will only depend on you and your skill to use other programs that can join the parts (Photoshop is a good option, if you know how to use it).

For example, these images can be combined into one:

Decrease playback speed

This trick serves to increase the precision when obtaining specific frame captures:

Sort the captures in chronological order

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