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The Japan Animator Expo is a convention where several Japanese animators will exhibit their works for artistic reasons (non-profit).

On its anniversary # 19, Hajime Ueda participated as scriptwriter of the project of the video "ceremonial" called I Can Friday By Day!, which had a mixture of thematic GTS, mecha, lolis, furries and military.

Official web:

Story that it is trying to tell

According sergiomonty, This is the explanation:

These are two completely different stories united by the same narrative thread. It is easier to understand when they separate the two stories:

  • If we ignore the aliens and the mechas: Is a story of a teenage girl who used to consider herself the mistress of a boy's heart, until his best friend takes it off and turns him into her boyfriend, ruining his friendship completely. The girl continues her daily life, but finally she decides to go talk to the boy. The girl is then chased and attacked by her ex-friend, and they begin to fight. The girl is victorious but very hurt; As the last decision, instead of claiming what belongs to him, he decides to give the boy a headbutt for all the excessive damage done to him and for having ruined his friendship, and finally, forgets about him.
  • If we ignore schoolgirls: The story is about an undercover intergalactic squadron of space squirrels who used to be affiliated with a squadron of space rabbits, but because of a protocol breach for greed and thirst for money, space rabbits removed squirrels from a rare, high value. In a final attempt to restore the crystal, squirrels are ambushed by rabbits, and one of their veteran soldiers is killed in the process. They manage to remove the rabbits from above, but after their gigantic loss, reconsider the fact that the crystal has only caused death and destruction between both sides, so they decide to implant a grenade in it and destroy it completely. Then they make a funeral in honor of their lost soldier.


Gallery (conceptual art)




Gallery (of the final animation)

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