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This article contains some content involving a mature subject or situation and may not be suitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.

American photomanipulator and CGI artist.

At first CGI was uploaded with explicit content, but their visits were low. Then he set off for photomanipulation, which gradually gave him fame.

He is currently one of the most notable photomanipulators of the GTS community.

Artistic style of his CGI

He used Poser (a program commonly used by the time). His works were remarkably opaque, using the predetermined Poser models with some variations.


First stage

As is typical of macrophiles, he takes pictures of women and glues them over cities. In the beginning, his montages had flaws (such as inconsistencies in the depth of field, shadows misinterpreted, shadowing incompatible with the environment):

Second stage

Currently, his work has improved. But there are still flaws (like the lack of cracks in the footsteps):