Spanish amateur illustrator.

His most notable feature is that he has created a massive amount of OCs.


  • Sociable: He has managed to make friends with artists of good level as lostperras or Issei.
  • Generally sensitive to criticism: it has been seen that he blocks almost anyone who criticizes, however harmless and constructive it may be.

Artistic style

  • Hybrid style: Seems to be a mix between animé style and western caricature style.
  • Postmodern: His illustrations have characteristics that give him a "unique touch":
    • Outlined: Is made with pencils and scanned directly, they are not totally black (it is a distribution between black, gray and white). In addition, they are always shaky and are not interested in rectifying them when it is necessary (for example, when he wants to draw something that is straight lines like a window or a house).
    • Color: Too simple, he does not even have shadows or shading. He uses oversaturated colors.
    • Proportions: He always draws human beings, but does not respect the real proportions.
    • Perspective: The few times he tries to draw a scenario, the perspective applies it so that it does not resemble reality.
    • Details: Very few.
  • Own style: Considering that his drawings retain an obvious pattern of characteristics in common, then he can be considered as "style".
    • Eyes: Are equilateral triangles so that a vertex (angular tip) is the tear. Women draw eyelashes at the outer ends of the eyes. The iris draws it oval and with shines (silimar to the manga style).
    • Head: Is similar to the manga style, as it is spherical and with a pointed chin, the nose is small and pointed, and the eyes are large.
    • Body: Chaotically disproportionate, but in some cases it is noted that it wants to express obese, lean or muscular bodies.

Art trade with lostperras

This case calls attention, since as it shows his ability to socialize, has managed to convince the same lostperras (considered by many as one of the best Hispanic artists in the GTS community) to dedicate a drawing using one of his many OCs. Here is the story:

# Image Event
1 Thunder Jesus This character was taken into account by lostperras.
Jesusclon (2)
lostperras drew her willingly, since its quality (and therefore, the effort involved) is remarkable. Although he redesigned her with a bikini.
3 Giantess Eugeal in Tokyo In thanks, Jesusclon gave him this drawing. These 2 artists consider that it was an art trade.

Gallery (only GTS)

Due to copyright, the gallery can not be displayed directly on this wiki, however, the reader can see it directly from his official deviantART:


  • Jesusclon is not dedicated exclusively to giantesses, he also has other hobbies. However, since this web is a wiki dedicated to the gigantas, it is natural that this article is focused on his love for the gigantas.

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