Venezuelan illustrator and animator resident in the United States.

He says his mission is to revolutionize the GTS community in some way.

His mission: Making the Revolution

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Joe said clearly: "My mission is to revolutionize the GTS community in some way."

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GTS Revolution!

His mission expresses it in this journal:

Some of you have asked me, what is my deal? What am I trying to do here?

It seems that its been unclear, and many people seem to have a wrong perspective of what kind of art I am trying to achieve.

Many of the things I do may seem like a mystery, but most of my behavior has a purpose, a reason. For example, did you know that I made Linda's Tale episode 1 as innocent as possible because at that time I barely knew Wanda? I didn't want to scare her off. Now that I know her better, I see she is ok with many things I wanted to add (Like mind fuck insanity)

But before I get in details, let me explain what my deal is:

I want to make entertaining GTS animations. I want to go beyond the fetish, not just videos that look good or have detailed scenes, it has to be amusing, funny, sad..... something you just have to watch several times. Some ask me what do I mean with "a GTS revolution", this is what I mean.

If you are into this fetish the way I am, you probably bought (or pirated) many videos from Media Inpact and Gen's Lab. However, all these videos have something in common: They are all fancy, have effects and cute girls.... but.... they suck. What do I mean with "they suck". Think about porn, is not made to have an interesting story, its made so you can fap to it X(. All this fetish videos have HORRIBLE acting and LAME stories! Don't get me wrong, they are hot.... but that's it!

The concept to add a good story to GTS material is not new, you can find it in comics and novels...... but not in videos!

So, I felt there was a piece missing in the GTS community, but I never felt like being the one to do something about it. This ended when I found a video made by Manzi, I don't remember the name.

It had over 200k views! I just HAD to try once I saw how far I can go! I am a frustrated animator that outside the fetish had no recognition, my animations did not go over 2000 views, it was depressing.

So, when I saw that there was a fertile land in the GTS community, I decided to step in!

But, you see, I am very ambitious, I am planning on making enough money to do this for living, not as a hobby. In order to achieve that, I need to go further than just a small community such as the GTS. In other words, I am trying to make something that can be also enjoyable by Non GTS viewers, the challenge rises. My plan is to use the fetish just as a kick start to get many people's attention, later, it would hopefully spread to the non GTS community. Now, this DOES NOT mean I will stop GTS stuff at any point, it just means that GTS is not enough.

Also, there seem to be a misconception about my style. YES, I like cute stuff, but I also love action, destruction (this includes people getting killed) and comedy, SPECIALLY comedy. IN FACT, I might love comedy just as much I love the giantess fetishism, so don't be surprised if I compromise the fetish just for the LULz. My drawing style is not very well defined, I imitate many styles on the hope that this will build my own. I try to be as original as possible.... unless if is for a parody (Remenber, LULz come at a high priority).

Well, that is my masterplan in a nutshell, if you have any questions, please ask..... I need friends

Artistic style

His drawings are often a hybrid between Western cartoon and animé.


As for his drawings, he uploads them to deviantART. He usually draws for his close friends, like Hank88, Apeiron-MACRO or THEDAIBIJIN. Here is a sample:

Linda's Tale: his main work

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As Joe boasts so much of wanting to make his revolution in the videos, here is his main work, which is published on YouTube.