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Professional French illustrator who often draws vore.

This artist is one of the best known in the GTS community due to his age and also for the quality and quantity of its contributions.


  • He does not usually talk much.
  • He wants to remain anonymous at all costs (although a few know who he is).

Artistic style

He himself stated in an interview that he likes both the style of European comics and (japanese) manga, so his current style is a hybrid of both styles. To be more specific:

  • The influence of the European comic is observed in the elaboration of the scenarios and the coloring.
  • The influence of the manga is observed in the elaboration of his personages (big eyes, pointed chin, hair in tips, facial expressions, etc).


(Images not related to Felarya).


Tributo a Berserk

Berserk is one of the mangas that inspired Karbo. This drawing is a tribute to this work.

Planeta Salvaje (13)

Fantastic Planet is a highly extravagant film and its fetishist content impresses sensitive people. This work inspired Karbo.

Karbo, as an artist, has received inspiration from several works, here is a list:


Western Animated Series:

  • Jayce et les conquérants de la lumière (France and USA).
  • Ulises 31 (France, Japan).
  • Les Mystérieuses Cités d'or (France, Japan, Luxembourg).
  • Les mondes engloutis (France)


His deviantART account

"Karbo", as a deviantART account, was created on October 16, 2005. Its objective was to raise its fetish work without any fear thanks to the anonymity of the one that enjoyed.

This account is one of the most visited, since it has more 8 million visits today.

Felarya: his masterpiece

Felarya was a resounding success, this of course must to how well it is promoted that work (remember that the Karbo account was one of the most visited).

Officially on a summary of the work is done as follows:

(Insert text here).


(Images related to Felarya).

Impact on the GTS community

Some people believe that Karbo was guilty of popularizing vore, using the popularity of his work Felarya to popularize this strange taste (in addition to the taste for nagas, monster women and succubus). However, these people who accuse Karbo lack evidence.

That is why we simply keep the idea that we do not know how the vore became popular until proven otherwise.



François Rabelais: his 16th-century counterpart.

Nü Wa

Nü Wa: the possible inspiration for their devouring nagas (although this goddess did not devour humans, but created them).

  • He's lefthanded.
  • He does not do French patriotism, not as he did with his alter-ego (those who know Karbo deeply know what they are talking about).
    • Indeed, note that the western animated films and series that inspired him are all made in France. This patriotism showed it in the interviews of his alter-ego.
    • In addition, his surreptitious work had the slogan of "a manga made in France".
  • He traveled to China once.
  • Due to the size and shape of his characters (giant nagas), it is possible that Karbo was inspired by the goddess Nü Wa of Chinese mythology.
  • It could be said that he is faithful to the vorarephilia, since almost always his fetishistic drawings include it (even in the drawings where there are no gigantas).
  • Karbo and François Rabelais share in common that both are specialized artists in giants who devour people, both are French and both are among the most influential artists in the communities that like the giants.
    • That means that if Karbo had lived at that time, his canvases (which would surely have dealt with giant women devouring people) would have been burned by "obscene", "heretical" and "anti-patriarchal" (at that time the woman was considered as a being inferior to the male). He might even have been sentenced to death.